Top 8 Lighting Ideas For Living Room With No Ceiling Light

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Are you renting out a new place and don’t like the brooding ambiance of the living area? One of the pitfalls of renting out a place, is the limitations stipulated on a lease contract. Some landlords do not allow any major changes. For example, installing fixed lights on a ceiling. This causes distress to some renters. If you are one of the many who feel constricted with such negative darkvibes, then finding lighting ideas for living room with no ceiling light is a must. Finding ways to go around such a sordid stipulation can be done with these tricks.

  • Floor Lamps. There are different types of floor lamps and you will need the large ones that can distribute as much light into the living area as possible. A torchiere floor lamp like the TECKIN LED Torchiere Floor Lamp, for instance, is an excellent choice, as it does not require a lot of square-inch footage. It also comes with a shape and design that can easily blend into any interior design to Add Vintage Style to Your Kitchen element and provide general lighting with ease. By directing the light up onto the ceiling, the torchiere then diffuses light that will cover the whole room. Even more so, today’s smart lamps are equipped with dimmer mechanisms, which add more versatility to your living area. Other types of floor lamps that are great lighting ideas for living room with no ceiling light are club lamps and tower lamps.

TECKIN LED Torchiere Floor Lamp in light living room with blue couch

  • Arc/TreeLamps. Though designed as a floor lamp, arc-shaped tree lamps are excellent for brooding living rooms. Arc tree lamps come in various designs. Some have three slots for lighting and can go to as much as 5 or 7. These lamps have “branches” allowing you to adjust dispersion of the light element into a living room. Great for contemporary living rooms, arched tree lamps like the Artiva USA LED207901 Micah Plus Modern LED 5-Arched Tree Lamp below can add dramatic flair to a living room’s interior design. Modern models also come with dimmer mechanisms to make the place more conducive to any particular event. These lighting ideas for living room with no ceiling light, are great for anyone who really wants control over the brightness of a room.

Artiva USA LED207901 Micah Plus Modern LED 5-Arched Tree Lamp

  • Track Lights. Can’t touch the ceiling? Why not go for track lighting fixtures? These can be easily installed without doing a major revamp on your living room ceiling. This Globe Electric Payton 4-Light Adjustable Track Lighting Kit, for instance, can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling in just a few quick steps. It comes with adjustable brackets and 4 slots for bulbs. These are enveloped in a sleek modern design that fits any modern home. Track heads can be adjusted to capture the most natural light and provide illumination to even to the dingiest corner of the living area. Timeless and dimmable, track lighting can transform any Living Room with Color Ideas for Brown Furniture or any room for that matter, to be more livable and stylish. You can check out for more living room track lighting HERE.

Globe Electric Payton 4-Light Adjustable Track Lighting Kit in gray living room

There are so many lighting ideas for Small Living Room Ideas With TV with no ceiling light. These 3 are just the tip of the iceberg. The idea is to carefully assess your current digs and look for appropriate lighting fixtures to address the challenge. When it comes to providing illumination to a seemingly dark and brooding living area, the best way to enhance your lighting solution, is to use powerful LED bulbs, that not only provide the ambiance you need, but also create less of a carbon footprint to the environment.

  • Pendant Ceiling Light. You can also update your living room lighting with a custom plug-in pendant ceiling light. It comes in various forms like chandelier with chrome finish or these modern appealing pendant ceiling lights. These are easy and quick to install and comes with adjustable cords.


Pendant Ceiling Light


  • Plug-In Sconce light. Another nice option is to use a wall sconce light. You can go for vintage style wall sconce light like these. You can adjust them to shine wherever you want by sliding them around the base. If you want you can also add pull string to turn them on or off. You can also go for modern acrylic wall scones lighting like this. The light from this type of scones does not stick out very far while the LED bulb gives a warm glow.
Plug In Sconce light in living room with storage and blue couch


  • String Lights. String lights are an easy and fun way to light up your living room. Check out these string lights which fills the room with a dim, warm, white light. You can bend the wire and rearrange the light in any shape you want. These inexpensive lights will help to brighten your living room at the same time add an element of relaxation.


String Lights in room with brick wall and large bookshelves


  • Table lamps. Yes, you can use different size and shape and in pairs to light up your living room. Here’s a set of table lamp that is of good size for a living room. For a living room of smaller size, I found these antique pressed glass based table lamps are a perfect match, especially with the blue and white color theme.
Table lamps in white living room on end tables with plants


  • Battery Powered Light. These days a lot of options are available for wireless battery-powered light. Yes, you have to replace the batteries, but that’s no big deal. It’s one of the best options to light up your living room without wiring the ceiling. Check out some of the different models available here.
Battery Powered Light in bright living room with wood beams and brown couch
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