Small Living Room Ideas with TV

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A small living should not be a problem with the right entertainment and ambiance. As to what many homes sport today, living rooms tend to double as a common area for everyone to watch television or watch films and TV shows streamed from Netflix or Amazon Prime. It’s an excellent idea particularly when optimizing every square inch of footage in a home. When thinking of small living room ideas with TV, there are various tips and tricks that can come in handy.


Multi colored walls Small Living Room Ideas
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First things first– before you decide what to do with a living room that doubles as a TV room, it is imperative that you locate a viable power source. Aside from the TV set, you may have a Blu Ray, DVD players or surround sound system or any thingamajigs which can be attached to a television set for more enhanced viewing. Consider also natural light reflection and how much glare it may direct to the screen. When these have been secured, then you’re ready to create a space that offers twice the fun and entertainment. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate a TV into your small living room.

As a Focal Point. Use your TV set as the focal point in a small living room. Do this by putting it smacked right at the center of the whole seating area. What used to be dominated by artwork or a fireplace, placing a TV set at the center then, flanking the area with comfy seats like these plush sofas, can make one think of snuggling with a bowl of caramel popcorn, watching chick flicks on a dreary winter night.


TV as the focal point of the living room
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Blend It In. Integrate your humungous flatscreen TV set into an existing bookcase or open cabinet. This one below is placed at the center and surrounded with strategically designed cubbyholes to hold books and decorative items. You may also surround it with artwork, photographs, or any knick-knacks of your choice. The idea is to integrate the TV set into the whole decorative design for that smooth, unified look.


TV built into bookshelf white living room
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Hide It. Should you wish not to reveal to anyone that a living room doubles as a TV room, then by all means, hide it. There are custom-made cabinets nowadays that come equipped with “TV lifts” to help conceal and keep the simple aesthetics of a living room. A practical way is to install this DIYHD 60-Inch Black Sliding Hardware, custom-built a sliding cover and voila! Now you see it. Now you don’t.

Small living room ideas with tv in white

DIYHD 60-Inch Black Sliding Hardware


Mount It. Can’t squeeze a TV rack or a book case? No room for a cabinet that conceals a TV set? Why not mount it directly to the wall. To enhance aesthetic value than just mounting a flatscreen on a wall, try to design it with a fresh coat of paint to make it stand out. Or if you want to maintain clean lines and a unified look, this inspiration below allows a small living room space to look unruffled and more spacious– excellent aspects for a rather small space.


minimalist living room wall hanging tv wood accents
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Bottom line is: decorating with these small living room ideas with TV can be a challenge. But with most living rooms being used as a TV room nowadays, finding the right design and style is only fitting. With these ideas, you can finally start finding that perfect spot for your flatscreen and start having fun with the whole fambam– without compromising decorative design integrity.


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