Small Living Room Decor Ideas: Create The Illusion Of Space

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Having a small living room could actually put you in a state of dilemma. After all it is the room that you primarily present to your guests. And yet, when it is small you constantly feel that you need to toe a very fine line when decorating it – go a little overboard and it can look unnecessarily cluttered. But there are a few intuitive small living room decor ideas that can actually make your room appear to be more spacious than it actually is!

Small living room decor ideas on display with mirror and pictures
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#1: Use mirrors to create the illusion of space. A single room at one side of the room reflects the room onto itself, in addition to reflecting light and attracting the eyes. This is a great way to create the illusory feel that there is more room than you think.

Furniture with multiple use and storage in small living room decor ideas
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#2: Make multiple use of the same space. As you can see here, the back of the sofa has been turned into a bookshelf. In this way you can create the illusion of space by seemingly dividing a large room into two. Actually a clever piece of furniture only cuts the room in two – without there being too much space. These kind of small living room decor ideas really can give you much more room for storage.

Multipurpose furniture used with small living room decor ideas
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#3: Use multipurpose furniture specially designed for storage. As you can see here, this modular shelf looks sleek, provides a lot of storage space, and yet, due to its design also gives the illusion of space.

Muted colors used with small living room decor ideas
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#4: Another strategy can be to use colors that are muted and subdued, like beige and cream. Along with that, if you can have a lot of natural light in the room – from a window, preferably – this can actually take away from the cluttered look.

Corner decorating ideas used in small living room
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#5: If the room is small – make better use of the corners. The corners are usually areas of a room that get neglected, and you’d be surprised how much space gets wasted so. In this case, as you can see, an L-shaped sofa has been used to utilize the corner space, and free up the remaining space in the room. Also, they have made beautiful use of the limited space behind the sofa with the help of a narrow shelf – elongating the room in perspective. Utilizing corners and other parts of the room, will open up other small living room decor ideas.

Floating sofa and settees as living room ideas
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#6: Floating sofas and settees without backrests can also add the illusion of space. This is because back rests cut into the space in a room – and divide it up. But the use of low seating, coupled with normal standalone chairs can give you seating space, even in a small living room.

Small sofa livingroom in light room with plant
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#7: Also, downsizing the seating, particularly the sofa, can further maximize space. Have a few chairs on standby to use when you have guests over, but keep the basic sofa small and compact – and that way you have more space left over.

Patterned floor and modern livingroom with tv
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#8: A patterned floor – particularly one that features vertical lines along the length of the room – is another thing that tends to draw the eyes out to the end of the room. This creates a sense of elongation which can be very useful in creating the illusion of space.

Plants used in light colored livingroom
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#9: Another idea is to place plants either in the corner, or at the centre of any one side – preferably near large windows. The windows of course take the eyes out of the room and dispel the small space feeling. And the plants, especially if they are vibrant and large, draw the eyes towards the windows. Many different types of plants can be used in small living room decor ideas.

Here are 9 small living room decor ideas that can help you to make the most of the space you have. The fact is that the decor greatly contributes to the final feel of your space. The wrong decor can make even a large space appear cluttered. But with these pointers you should be able to properly do up your living room and feel happy about entertaining guests there!


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