No Fuss Living Room Ideas On A Budget For 2018

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Want to dump your cozy summer decor to pave the way for autumn’s flavors? Want a lighter mood for spring or a jolly one for a string of holidays and special occasions starting with the -ber months? If you find that your fixer-upper is desperately screaming for a makeover but your wallet’s gone stiff and tight-lipped, due to a fledgling budget, then you’ve come to the right place with these living room ideas on a budget for 2018.

Montage Living room ideas on a budget

1. Repaint– a furniture piece. The living room can be one of the busiest, if not the busiest, place in a home. It’s where everyone comes together or quite simply, where everyone comes in, flops down and can relax till their heart’s content. But while painting the wall may sound more dramatic, it can be time consuming and yes, pricey nonetheless. So, why not just reset a tired furniture piece to add some glam to it. A long-standing corner cabinet, for instance, can be converted into something eye-catching with this idea from A Beautiful Mess. You can design yours with whatever shape you want with this vast array of chalk paints.

FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint Set for living room furniture

2. Unleash your green thumb. No time to redecorate? Why not buy a pot of succulents in the nearby nursery or go more dramatic with terrariums. Nothing beats bringing new life into your living room as it adds color and charm, as well as the feel of being lived in. Terrarium kits like the one below come aplenty for you to start one on your low. Or you may even craft your own design, if you’ve got free time. They’re low in maintenance, too. Plants are a good choice when looking into living room ideas on a budget.

Bliss Gardens Terrarium Starfish Thistle

3. Get a new coffee table. Apart from plants, there’s another item in a room that can easily create a new atmosphere when replaced- the coffee table! Usually placed at the center, this table is the very piece that puts everything together in a living area. Deviate from your usual shape or pattern, and go for new design and aesthetics. You can check out these coffee tables to find what can enhance your living room’s ambiance.

4. Slather your seating arrangement with new throw pillows. Still on the no-time-to-redecorate mode, one can simply make do with new throw pillow cases to accessorize a living room and make it look brand new. Minimalism is so passe when it comes to integrating coziness and comfort. There’s just something more satisfying in grabbing throw pillows in a montage of color and design that enhances a space. You can check out full collection of modern throw pillow cases on Amazon HERE:

BLUETTEK Modern Simple Geometric Burlap pillows for living room

5. Revamp your walls. Repainting can be too tedious so, why not use wallpaper stick-ons to create an accent wall? You can choose from a vast array of designs and prints to give your room a spanking new ambiance. Here’s a quick link to some of 2018’s best wallpaper from York Coverings. Amazon and other retail sites also keep hundreds of choices available for you to pick what best speaks to you. Living room ideas on a budget that include walls, are a way to make a big change with a smaller budget.

Regardless of what form of lovin’ you wish to shower on an abode, these living room ideas on a budget for 2018 definitely rock! You don’t really have to do all of them at once though. You can choose two or three of the suggestions above or mix and match these makeovers to create a design that’s entirely your own. With these, you can finally breathe new life to your place and make your living area shine like new– and without wasting your hard-earned money at that!

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