How To Decorate My Living Room Wall: Budget Savvy Choices

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So you’ve set up remarkably attractive furniture sets. You have also laid out complementary decorative pieces on shelves, coffee tables and side tables. You have even hung a few ornamental plants. But why does your whole living room set-up feel like vanilla without the yummy chocolate-y syrup? Instead of continually echoing “how to decorate my living room wall” in your mind, these budget savvy pieces can be of help.

Decorate brown Living Room Wall with art
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    • Paint or Wall Decal. Feel free to add a whiff of color to your living room wall. Adding an accent to a wall in a bold color to enhance a rather monochromatic detail, can enhance a living room’s design. Perhaps, you may want to do a floor to ceiling mural. If you want something affordable and effortless (and can be changed every year if you like!), a large canvas wall art or decal is totally acceptable. This 3d Couple Tree Wall Murals, for instance, is quite easy to apply and can add a dramatic focal point to your living area.3d Couple Tree Wall Murals on white living room wall

      3d Couple Tree Wall Murals

    •  Captivating Mirror. Want to make a rather small living room space feel larger? Or do you wish to capture more natural light? Adding this Decorative Starburst Mirror captures both beauty and the functionality expected of mirrors in living room decorative design. It helps to add elegance and sophistication with a modern flair to your space. Mirrors always answer the question, when looking how to decorate my living room wall.

      Home Source Decorative Starburst Mirror for living room wall

      Decorative Starburst Mirror

    • Decorative Clock. A wall clock is also an excellent functional choice when decorating a living room wall. Instead of just slapping a round or square simplistic clock, choose decorative ones like this NEOTEND 3D Wall Clock. Easy to install and remove, it is also crafted by hand and moves silently through the night.NEOTEND 3D Wall Clock in off white living room

      NEOTEND 3D Wall Clock

    • Wall Art. Decorate a wall with watercolor or an oil painting. When choosing artwork, see to it that it’s centered to the wall and hangs just right to your line of sight. If you wish to hang it above a furniture piece, see to it that the size is smaller or of the same length. You can check out some of the most fantastic yet affordable ones on CanvasOnDemand. This Diane Millsap Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art is an excellent option, too.Diane Millsap Premium Thick Wrap Canvas Wall Art

      Diane Millsap Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art

    • Triptych Artwork. Another excellent choice is to hang a painting with a triptych pattern (one that comes with three panels). This Winpeak Art Framed Handmade Abstract Huge Oil Painting below, for example; adds a sense of unique artistry to your wall. Feel free to choose from the various abstract oil paintings on Winpeak Art. They’re handmade and framed.Winpeak Art Framed Handmade Abstract Huge Oil Painting Canvas Wall Art for living room

      Winpeak Art Framed Handmade Abstract Huge Oil Painting

    • Metallic Art. This wall art design is the rage nowadays in many modern homes. You can choose from silver to gold, bronze, rose gold, dark metal, and so on. This metallic art element from WinPeak even comes in silver, copper, green, light green, ruby red, white, and golden yellow to easily blend in with a home’s current design. This is a great modern way when figuring out how to decorate my living room wall.Jon Allen Metal Art

      Jon Allen Metal Art

      • Wood Sculpture. For a natural or country cozy appeal, adding a wood wall sculpture like this animal-themed sensation from NOVICA will definitely create a stunning focal point to your space. This handcrafted mythical bird-beast, Garuda, is known to bring protection and goodluck to homes.

        NOVICA Animal Themed Large Wood Wall SculptureNOVICA Animal Themed Large Wood Wall Sculpture


    • Wall Gallery. Instead of artwork, why not hang memories on your wall. Look for black and white photos then, have them framed with this WOOD MEETS COLOR Wall Picture Frames Set. Hang them symmetrically on your wall to fully create a clean, crisp look.

      WOOD MEETS COLOR Wall Picture Frames Set for living room

      WOOD MEETS COLOR Wall Picture Frames Set of 11

    • Free Flow. Create your own brand of living room wall design with free flow artwork like this Umbra Wallflower Metal Wall Decor. You may also choose butterflies, birds, dandelions, and other attractive ideas for that modern casual look.Umbra Wallflower Metal Wall Decor for living room

      Umbra Wallflower Metal Wall Decor

There is so much that you can do to a rather vanilla living room wall. Instead of asking “how to decorate my living room wall”, try out these budget savvy, yet attractive options, to lift the image and ambiance of your living space. Happy decorating!


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