Couch Ideas For Small Living Room

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Today’s urbanites have to contend with small spaces and along with that comes certain challenges. Of all the areas in a townhouse, apartment or high rise condo unit, however, the living room is often met with the most woes. Designing a narrow space that welcomes you, your loved ones and guests, can be quite tricky particularly in the seating department. When thinking of what seat to use to create a balance while opening up the space, these couch ideas for small living room can help get you started.

Couch ideas for small living room wooden floor
  • Go all out with a sectional sofa. You may think it’s crazy to squeeze a sectional sofa into such a tight space, but you’ll be amazed with its charming fit. Sectional sofas easily absorb the contours of small spaces and guarantee functionality by maximizing seating potential. Instead of arranging various seating furniture, ensconcing this elegant and charming mid-century Divano Roma sectional sofa, which comes with a reversible chaise lounge, can make the space sensational. Check out other hues HERE to suit your current interior design.

Divano Roma Furniture Mid Century Modern Linen Fabric Small Space Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise in Yellow

    • Be practical with a futon couch bed. If your apartment or studio-style high rise is fond of accepting extra guests, or you love to simply lounge in the living area to watch TV, a futon couch bed is a wise choice. Futon couches like the smashing sets — Emily, Lodge and Dillan– futon couches from DHP, offer the utmost multi functionality for a piece furniture. Sometimes called the “sofa sleeper”, this doubles as a daybed or as an extra bed for a guest. Simply match with an ottoman that also doubles as a table and voila! A complete multifunctional furniture set to lift your living space.

This is one of the couch ideas for small living room this is a good one due to it’s versatility.

DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed in gray

  • Squeeze a loveseat. Too narrow a living room space should not be reason enough to make it completely bare. It’s also unwise to add bulky sofa or futon beds that may rob every square-inch footage of the room. Instead, settle for a loveseat and use it as a centerpiece of the room. You can check out various fabric colors from this upholstered line from Zinus Mid-Century to give your living room a blast.

Zinus Mid-Century Upholstered 52.8in Sofa Couch Loveseat in gray

  • Get extra storage. Squeeze as much storage as you can to create a clutter-free living room. You can keep throw pillows, magazines, books, and other knick-knacks in the hidden drawers or under the seating area to give the space a sanitized feel that exudes spaciousness. These futon sensations from Nirvana Futons, for instance, offer not just added storage, but also a tri-seat position as a sofa, lounger and daybed. Check out various mattress hues to suit your interior design HERE.

Nirvana Futons Brentwood Tray Arm Futon Frame black and wood

Pick a daybed. There are various designs and styles available today that give a room the extra space and functionality it needs. This line from Homelegance, for instance, features a trundle with caster that allows for more sleeping area should you have guests coming over for fun.

Homelegance Modern Design Daybed with Trundle in gray

These couch ideas for small living room space are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of modern designs and styles available today for you to choose from. The idea is to not just make a space comfortable and roomy, but to give it more functionality which, in return, can deliver understated charm and joy to everyone who lives in such a home.


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