9 Jaw-Dropping Living Room Design Trends In 2017

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There is nothing more astounding than a living room that draws everyone in, keeps them relaxed and make them feel buoyant by just being there. While there were so many hits and misses in 2016, living room design trends in 2017 are just perking up. Here are some tips on how to make yours jump from being a good living room, to one that gathers Ohs and Ahs from anyone.

Living Room Design Trends in 2017
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Tones, Hues and Colors of 2017

Tones Hues and Colors of 2017 in living room
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This 2017, an array of powerful hues and tones derived from astounding gemstones are hitting stylish homes in the cities. Think about deep blue diamonds, sapphires in the raw, versatile agate and Amazonite, elegant emerald and jade, amethyst, and mysterious peridot. Bright green, for instance, which is reminiscent of the rare chrysopace, with an emerald gleam; was just named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017. Instead of the usual black or white, navy blue with a tinge of the Hope Diamond is becoming a sensation. All these nature-driven colors and hues add a sense of refreshment and revitalization, something every living room should have.

Jewel Windows

Gold window treatments for windows in living room
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Window treatments for 2017 are also engrossed in jewel tones. Think about matte gold, deep reds, lively greens, and mysterious blues; and you get one elegant living space. Deep blue wall tones, for instance, will be made more attractive when mixed with soft metallic elements of brushed nickel, platinum or matte gold layered with sheers.

Lepidopterological Havens

One of the most captivating living room design trends in 2017 that originates from the Far East, is the use of butterflies as a central decor motif for urbanite homes. Cheerful, light and enchanting, it adds more drama and a feeling of being lived in, to any home. Some make good use of their DIY skills and produce items like this butterfly chandelier.

White Butterfly Chandelier in living room
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Others also choose the butterfly as a sophisticated accent, like these butterfly mirrors below. Apart from making homes feel romantic, colorful and lively, they also add a sense of whimsy and inspiration with the symbolism the butterfly brings. Love, joy, change and transformation, soulful and nostalgic, these are just some of characteristics that butterflies will bring to any living room.

Mirrored butterfly wall decor in living room
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Mixed Patterns

Mixed Patterns on pillows on living room couch
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Ditch monotony by adding a splash of energy and charm into your living room, with the use of mixed patterns. You can reupholster sofas and ottomans, or simply buy throw pillow cases to add sass to your living space. Statement pieces like the ones above, can help make a room feel more enticing and titillating.

Faux Is No Pas

Faux marble or granite floors in living room
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Couldn’t afford marble or granite floors? Faux is fashionable this 2017. Ditch the faux fur rugs and go all out with faux marbles, faux wood, and all other budget-friendly materials, that lend a sense of authenticity without the hefty price tag. From ceiling beams to walls, to floors, to coffee tabletops, the use of engineered quartz, faux marble, faux granite, faux wood, faux leather and so on; are the “in” thing nowadays to pave way for materials that can withstand temperature and other risks. Most of these materials are driven by new scientific discovery, allowing for smarter and more convenient homes.

Feel-It Furniture

textured furniture idea in living room
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Furniture choices for living rooms are also focused on one thing, texture. The make-you-want-to-touch variety each time, is increasingly popular. These include pleating and folding of velvets or cottons, huge luxe yarn stitches, nailhead patterns, cerused wood, and so on. All these textures adhere to 2017’s macro-trend on comfort and charm. Living room design trends in 2017 for furniture are new and exciting.

Artistic Haven

White Artistic furniture piece in living room
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Do-it-yourselfers may have to take a backseat as living room design trends in 2017 are greatly leaning on artisanal items. Raw white hand-crafted goods, for instance, are becoming a sensation in topnotch manses across the globe. Blown glass, porcelains, and jawdropping wordworks are also being ushered into stylish homes these days.

Maximized Space

white coffee table that extends as work table
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One of the most challenging aspects in today’s home, is limited space. Modern living rooms these days, come fully equipped with appliances and furniture that folds up to reveal more functionality, while preserving comfort and artistry. From coffee tables that extend as work tables, to sofas that transforms as beds, all of this is to maximize use of a living room’s square footage.

Tech Savvy Living Rooms

Tech Savvy Living Rooms with blue tooth speaker
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Technology has become part and parcel of everyone’s lives these days. No wonder, 2017 also ushers in an evolution in tech decor, that doubles as design pieces and functional appliances. Think about this Amazon Echo, which functions as a bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, weather forecaster, audiobook reader, appointment scheduler, note or memo catcher, and other tasks. This AI assistant, along with a Philips Hue or a Sonos speaker, is slowly taking over living rooms in a frenzy since late 2016 due to its futuristic feel.

Live The Life You Want

Without a doubt, these living room design trends in 2017 will rock the year and beyond for their astounding ambiance and futuristic modes. When designing for your living area, however, it is important to consider the life you want to live. Do remember that your space represents your personality as well as your emotions. Let others “see” you the moment they step into your living space. Have fun experimenting! Besides, you can always repaint when you change your mood.


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