7 Practical Living Room Furniture Ideas

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The living room represents the overall personality of a house. It showcases the house’s sense of style for everyone to appreciate. In most cases, homeowners splurge on the types of furniture being placed therein to truly encapsulate the stylishness they want to impart to their guests without sacrificing everyone’s comfort. When looking for living room furniture ideas for an impending remodel, here are some basic tips that guarantee not to break your bank.

1. Before you pick a living room set straight from an Ikea online catalog, it is essential to think deeply on what you actually need. Do you want something that’s spill or stain-proof? Do you want hardwood or minimalist steel? Leather sofas, for instance, are often chosen by families with children or pets. Leather does not stain and is quite easy to clean. For a less pricier yet still durable and stylish alternative, microfiber sofas can easily suit any budget range.

Living room furniture ideas in black
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2. What particular framework do you wish to present in your living room set? Will it be hardwood or stainless steel? Or would you rather go for cozy and fluffy? Minimalist living rooms often feature a stainless steel and glass combo with plenty of clean space. Hardwood works like maple and oak are also top choices for homes looking for durability and warmth. Choosing a color framerwork will allow you to look into other living room furniture ideas.

Stainless steel and glass table in living room
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3. One of the most important things to consider when thinking of practical living room furniture ideas is longevity. Homeowners see every sofa, coffee table, side table, or ottoman as family heirlooms which can be passed from one generation to the next. With this, it is wise investment to buy furniture which are doweled, glued or screwed. Furniture with corner blocks also ensure that frames are durable.

Wooden frame in living room furniture
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4. For small living rooms, choose furniture that offers extra storage. These double-duty furniture options offer storage space for throw pillows, books, stacks of DVDs, and other seasonal decorative treasures. Light-colored furniture options also deliver an illusion of a much wider space. They are also easier to accessorize.

Ottoman with extra storage in living room
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5. Another staple item in a living room is an entertainment center. Also called “wall units”, these are usually large pieces of fixtures that hold the television set, DVD player, stereo, and much more. Some may hold drawers and shelves to store DVDs, books, and other decorative elements. Entertainment centers come in all shapes and sizes. To save space, some people custom-fit such wall units into their living room space. Others may also go the recessed wall route to save space. In some areas where winter chills the bones, a fireplace may also be retrofitted to it.

Entertainment center in wood with tv books and storage
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6. Where you place furniture depends largely on the layout of your living room space. An entertainment center, for instance, must have access to an electrical outlet with the TV away from the window to prevent backlighting—and must be considered the focal point in the room. Create balance by using scaled pieces. Look at your space as if it’s a canvas and your arrangement, the work of art.

7. Splurge on furniture which you or everyone else frequently uses. Sofas, for instance, must be durable enough as it endures more traffic than all other furniture in the space. When choosing a sofa, consider these things: living room space and shape, and the number of people usually lounging in the area to watch football or entertain guests.

Blue sectional sofa with white coffee table
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Without a doubt, there is so much you can do to make the living room exude your personal taste. There are so many options out there for you to choose from. You have your choice of sofas, coffee tables, accent chairs, tables or chests, ottomans, wall units, futons, nesting tables, and such. Let these practical living room furniture ideas be your guide and enjoy a great revamp that won’t create a huge dent in your budget.


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