7 Gorgeous Living Room Design Ideas With Pictures

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There is nothing more exciting than to redesign a home’s living room. The most “lived in” area in a home, living rooms represent the core of the whole space, something that draws both dwellers and visitors in a magnetic way. It’s no wonder that so many people share the excitement of decorating such a space. With creativity, imagination and functionality in mind, here are some of the top living room design ideas with pictures, to kickstart your new initiative.

1. All-White Living Room

Living room design ideas with pictures
When you feel like adding energy and power to a room without talking too much, the use of the color white, will be of great help. White is known to create an inviting space. It speaks of utter perfection wherein furniture, accessories and art pieces can easily pop out. Simple, serene, and elegant, it amplifies the rich textures and patterns subtly integrated into the whole design idea. Here, an old wheel barrow leg is propped with wood then painted with white to create a luxurious yet functional appeal. Add the subtlety of painted picture frames and vintage-feel of other decors, to truly create a pristine tug-at-your-heart living room scene.

2. Mexican Style

Mexican style living room design ideas with red and green furniture
Mexican living room design ideas revolve around relaxation evoked by earthly tones, handcrafted elegance, and stunningly bright hues. To achieve the look, simply add woven or wood furniture, plants and terra cotta pottery pieces, woven rugs, a terrarium, and other colorful accessories. Paint the room white, off-white or in bursting yellow, orange or reddish hue. Terracotta or brick walls can also add mode sass to a living room design. This is one of the living room design ideas with pictures that is on the more colorful side.

3. Life’s A Beach Living

Beach themed living room design ideas with blue furniture
When living near the beach or when everyone in the family shares the same penchant for it, creating a beach themed living room will make sense. Design your living room with peaceful and relaxing elements incorporating the outdoors within the abode. Tanned or beige walls can mimic the sandy beach while a powder blue hue will echo with the wide expanse of the sky. White with sea-green or coastal colors can also add the perfect contrast of colors. Go with comfortable seating and art work or decorative elements lifted out of beach scenes.

4. Zen Inspired

Zen inspired living room design ideas with brown furniture
Create your own pocket of serenity even when living within the hustle-bustle of the city. Zen living room design makes a great space to simply sip tea and unwind after a stressful day. Make use of natural hues, Asian inspired decor like Japanese shoji screens, and green plants to absorb toxins indoors. Round furniture also helps create a deep relaxing feel. When it comes to living room design ideas with pictures, this is more serene and relaxing.

5. Tropical Living

Tropical living room design ideas with wicker furniture
For those who dream of living in the lush tropics, the idea of bringing tropical design elements into their home make up for that deep longing. Think of vibrant colors, swaying palm or coconut trees, tiki torches, rattan couches, and natural decors. Furniture made from birch, wicker, rattan or bamboo accentuated with vibrant throw pillows set with sheer curtain or open window treatment, will make an excellent tropical setting reminiscent of a Hawaii hotel lobby.

6. The Classics

Classic and elegant luxury room in white
Create an eternal and timeless living room using a classic design. Make use of elegant furniture like a Rococo daybed like the living room design idea with picture above. Rich Aubusson carpets or rugs, antique lamps and candelabras, ostentatious wall art, and velvet upholstery soaked in white or dark or gold-plated elements. Think of a design that can be passed from one generation to the next, seemingly stranded in time—and that’s the classic elegance living you would not want to forsake.

7. Modern Minimalist

Minimalist modern furniture set up
You are currently living in a smart age where stainless steel is the new gold. Think of ultra thin smart television sets, sparse seating areas, and reflective floor design. When thinking of a minimalist living room, it is wise to go for the simplest look with little or no ornamentation. No drama—such is its essence.

Each of the living room design ideas with pictures depicted above are just one of the most gorgeous ways to live in the moment. Keep any of these designs in mind when remodeling your living area. The idea is to incorporate what you and your loved ones want, in a space.


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