6 Living Room Curtains: Get The Perfect Drape For Your Room

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So your living room needs new curtains, and you are wondering what exactly to go for. The choices are many and you can pick from any number of options. Here we have a few different choices to look at. Since we are talking about living room curtains and curtains alone, we thought we’d also bring you a few top quality picks that you can actually choose, there is one each corresponding to each trend we will discuss.

Elegant Comfort 2-Piece Solid White Sheer Window Curtains drape panels treatment size 60"x84"
#1: Sheer curtains can be a great way to let some light come into your room. They also allow for the breeze to naturally flow in. At the same time, they lend a dreamy feel to your living room. And here are some great value ones to check out.

2 Piece Solid Black Sheer Window Curtains drape panels treatment 54"w X 84"
#2: Second up we have regular curtains in solid colors. These are simple in one sense. And yet, if you have a lot of color happening in your living room already, as well as patterns in the upholstery – then simple color block style curtains can lend the right touch of color without making the room appear too clumsy. If you choose to have some valances with these, that would be a great way to add some elegance to your room without spending too much. These ones are also sheer to a certain extent – which can be a good thing…

Regal Home Collections Amore 54-Inch by 84-Inch Window Set with Attached Valance Brown
#3: Our third pick is something we just mentioned with the last lot. These are full solid color curtain sets, complete with valences. But the only difference being that these aren’t sheer. Of course, that can have its own utility. The ones we are featuring here are available in 3 color options. Also these are 100% polyester curtains which means that they are super easy to clean as well…

Tan Chevron Panel Pair - 84 by Mainstay
#4: Another trend that can actually look really nice is geometric print curtains. In this case we have shown you a chevron print curtain. Chevrons have a certain elegance to them, so you can easily use these. But you can also go for other geometric patterned curtains.

The best part about such patterns is that just as they go with rooms where the rest of the prints are non-geometric, they also work pretty well in rooms which are simplistic and use just single color, especially on the walls. When you are thinking of a room that has only solid colors, these can actually be the distinguishing factor in the room!

Eclipse Nadya Grommet Blackout Window Curtain Panel, 84-Inch, Smokey Blue, Single panel
#5: Next we look at what we call black out curtains. They block out all light completely. And in case of rooms where there are very large windows, and where you would like to incorporate the blackout effect sometimes, these can make for good options. With this pick, however, we have brought together not one, but two trends. The other one is that of floral curtains. These curtains are floral in print, and are thick enough to block out all light.

Chezmoi Collection Kariya 4-Piece Embroidery Bamboo Window Curtain Set, 60 by 84 by 18-Inch, Rust/Light Taupe
#6: This is our final pick for the day. While this one is only indicative, the idea here is to use something personalized and with a design of its own. In this case, the rust and the light taupe colors work together effortlessly. On top of that the embroidered Chezmoi pattern adds a touch of beauty to the curtains. Also, the overall design and pattern of these curtains is very distinctive.

The idea here is to assess the rest of the decor in your living room. And decide on distinctive curtains that will look good with the rest of the decor, and yet have a character of their own.

Today you have seen 6 different and interesting living room curtains. But the bottom line is that there is no one size fits all solution, so take inspiration from here and figure out what works best for you – and pick that!


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