5 Living Room Color Ideas for Brown Furniture

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Got a brown sofa, couch, sectional, or settee that you hold dear, but want to upgrade the whole ambiance of your living room? Many homeowners lament the challenge of making a living room space feel more refreshing or livelier with a brown seating piece at hand. But do you know that there are living room color ideas for brown furniture that can work their magic to transform your space? To give you a head-start, here are some recommendations from various interior designers that can add new life to your seemingly dreary living area.

Brighten with White

Brown sofa white interior for living room
Source: ksassets.timeincuk.net

There is nothing more refreshing than splashing white color all over your living room space. Even tattered brown leather furniture pieces can look dramatic and stylish with an all-white background set with timeless pieces in various complementary hues like golden yellow, blue-green, red, and yes, white, too. White is in stark contrast from sofas and settees set in a dark shade thus, the coffee table on the living room picture above, adds a jolting charm to the whole arrangement. For lighter shade of brown furniture pieces though, a muted brown coffee table will be better. The idea is to pair dark brown with light decorative elements like say this Lush Decor Lucia White Valance hang overhead to create an airy, bright nook.

Lush Decor Lucia Valance for living room

Add Warmth with Red

red couch white walls in living room
Source: homestratosphere.com

A darker red also goes well with brown furniture. You can paint a red accent wall or add a dark red accent chair or a red square ottoman that also serves as a coffee table. A red and brown living room combination generates a warmer atmosphere that’s relaxing to the senses. Think of simply adding wine red pillows or red roses or a crystal vase, for a change. Adding a large red floor rug like this Harbor Trellis Red Quatrefoil Geometric Modern Casual 3 Area Rug will also replicate the image above to deliver that inviting look. Living room color ideas for brown furniture are great, when adding accent colors like red.

Harbor Trellis Red Quatrefoil Geometric Modern Casual Area Rug for living room

Be cool with Blue

Brown couch with blue wall in living room
Source: livingroomideas.eu

Combining a brown and deep blue palette, makes for an interesting living room. In the image above, the deep blue wall brings out a cool, yet intense aspect of the brown sofa, making the whole space feel refreshingly cool. You can choose to add these Kendal Light Blue Fabric Accent Chairsor perhaps, simply add throw pillows in various shades of blue to tone down and add more charm to the whole space. Even blue-green, light blue and cerulean shades, can fire up a living room with brown furniture in place.

Kendal Light Blue Fabric Accent Chair Set of 2 in living room

Add style with yellow

dark brown velvet living room sofa in living room with yellow walls
Source: fendhome.com

Recreate the fascinating color combo above in your living room to make it more refreshing and warm. Yellow, particularly deep-set ones, exudes a warm ambiance that hugs around the deep tones of a brown furniture. The idea, however, is to add splash of yellow decorative elements in place to complement the wall paint. A lemon accent chair, a vase full of yellow tulips, roses or chrysanthemums, or throw pillows in various shades of yellow will create a truly astounding living space. You can check out various yellow decorative items HERE for more options. Yellow is a great choice to go with living room color ideas for brown furniture.

Go modern with gray

living room color ideas for brown furniture with gray walls
Source: madebymood.com

Gray walls are all the rage nowadays in modern contemporary interior design. You can make it happen in your own living space, too. Offering a sharp look, the combination of gray background will make the brown furniture pop out leading to a more modern take. The idea is to add a pop of color in decor, like say this orange round poof ottoman from the MJL Furniture Design Key Largo Series to balance the whole look.

Key Largo Series Orange Round Ottoman for living room

In A Nutshell

These living room color ideas for brown furniture are but the tip of the iceberg. A brown furniture piece in all actuality, is a versatile piece which can work in various living room styles and designs. Chic, cozy and neutral in hues, it can be paired with most everything from muted to loud pops of color to create a truly inviting living room space.

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