30+ Kitchen Decorating Ideas For Countertops

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Decorating kitchen countertops has many considerations. The first is obviously how much countertop space you have or wish to decorate. More decoration is required for an extensive countertop design or to form separate decorative areas. If the counter space is small, go for a few sections, subtle decorations and kitchen decorating ideas for countertops that will really improve the space.

Sometimes appliances and cooking supply containers can double up as decorative pieces while serving their functions, like old-fashioned milk jugs, mason and apothecary jars and the like. Also, appliances today are available in various hues and you can find the right choice! The supplies and actual foodstuff, like large fruit bowls, cookie jars, jams, bread baskets, jellies and more, make the countertop colorful and inviting.

Lighting is another feature that can add persona to your kitchen countertop. It will create visual interest and warmth. Recessed lighting can be placed in the countertops. Again you can use rope or accent lighting to brighten up dark zones, like corners and under the cabinets.

When it comes to decorating ideas for kitchen countertops, let us first start with the countertop itself – the material these are made of and the innumerable varieties.

1. Blizzard Caesarstone – If your kitchen is huge, it will need an island to suit its size. This requirement shown below, is met by a Caesarstone countertop in Blizzard.

Blizzard Caesarstone countertop in gray kitchen with storage shelves and square lighting
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

2. MDF – MDF is a type of fiberboard which is economical. With this material, your kitchen is bound to become colorful. These countertops are made with water-resistant MDF, which is powder-coated in a cobalt blue.

MDF countertop in blue in white kitchen with decor
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

3. Glossy DTiles

In this type, the kitchen countertop is covered entirely by glossy tiles from DTile. These tiles are curved and specially shaped too. It is somewhere in between futuristic and retro.

Black Glossy DTiles in kitchen with black appliances and gold accents
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

4. Statement Marble – This ultra-modern kitchen has a bold marble backsplash and the kitchen island has a waterfall edge from the Artistic Tile. It is nothing else but fine art.

Statement Marble in modern kitchen with blue and green accents
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

5. Sanded and Oil-Stained Oak – In DeVol kitchens, the lavender-stained and textured wooden cabinets are matched with sanded, oil-finished oak countertops. The white painted wood ceilings and walls and limestone floors, just enhance the beauty of the kitchen and give it a modern and rustic look.

Sanded and Oil Stained Oak countertops in kitchen with rustic lighting and wood accents
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

6. Pink Marble – You can build your kitchen countertop with this gorgeous, unique pink marble, which makes your kitchen look luxurious.

Pink Marble countertops in light kitchen with red and yellow accents
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

7. Green Silestone – If your kitchen is small, you can have cloud-white walls and sky-blue cabinets with matching shelves. Add this to the Silestone countertop with a deep forest green hue, and you will create magic. This neutral color goes with almost all kinds of hues.

Green Silestone with copper tube cabinets and plants
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

8. High-Quality Quartz – High-quality quartz is much more durable than natural marble, but is equally appealing. It will make your kitchen timeless when combined with deep aqua and blueish pink cabinets, as these are reflective and makes the kitchen look more spacious.

High Quality Quartz counterops in with blue cabinets and black oven hood with gold accents
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

9. Quartzite – This precious natural stone can be highly utilized. You can make a sliding quartzite door on your countertop to hide a pullout tray for your microwave or toaster. It will blend entirely and beautifully with the remaining backsplash and maintain the cool look, while not in use.

Quartzite countertop with shelves and glasses with wood background
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

10. Oak Slab – You can add a rustic touch to your kitchen with oak slab countertops giving it the appearance of a farmhouse.

Oak slab countertop in stone kitchen with plants
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

11. Butcher Block – If your kitchen is just casual, you cannot pair it with marble. A butcher block would be ideal for such cases. You can pair it up with plank cabinets and pale oak floors and the kitchen would get an informal and warm look.

Butcher block countertop in white farmhouse style kitchen
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

12. Thick Ledge – You can use a chunky Caesarstone countertop in Raw Concrete to create a cool kitchen. The slab can extend up the wall, right to the window thus forming a small shelf to store your sponges and soaps.

Caesarstone countertop with fresh greenery and sink
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

13.    Lacquered Copper – A protective layering of lacquer will see to it that the countertop does not lose its glimmer too soon.

Copper countertop with plants and bottles
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

14.    Sealed Wood – You can build your kitchen countertop with imbuia, walnut, and anigre to make it appear antique English. It is highly durable and you can seal it with an acrylic finish, so that it becomes resistant to scratches, spills, heat, and stains.

English style kitchen with acrylic countertop and bushels of berries
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

15. Stainless Steel – This kind of countertop is meant for finicky cooks and is the perfect choice for professional kitchens. This is because these countertops are resistant to various tough foods and ingredients, like acids and are super easy to clean. Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops using stainless steel are always loved by cooks.

Stainless steel countertop in white kitchen with storage shelves
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

Now, for some other decoration ideas :

16. The Citrus Getaway

This pretty, lemony, summery kitchen is brilliant with its reflecting blue floral tiles. This gives the backsplash and wooden countertops a spirited aura when light bounces off the oval mirror placed on the high shelf. The painting is superb and the casual chalky signboard is a total contrast to the greens within the kitchen.

A glassy element is added by the empty vodka and beer bottles. All this lends a relaxed, carefree, vacation-like feel and makes the countertop appear more appealing!

Summery kitchen with shelf, bottles including plants and artwork
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

17. Add a Splash with a Statement Object – If uncluttered and clean countertops attract you, add a single, statement-making object to accessorize it. Something like a bronze, star sculpture can be added to the bright white quartz countertop. The white looking cooking space will get a splash of darkness and drama and create the perfect contrast!

Star sculpture in white kitchen with quartz countertop
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

18. Fresh Blooms – A bold metallic kitchen with brushed or polished stainless steel, is in a class by itself. You can add a gray niche wall and compatible cabinets that are going to complement a well-set stainless steel sink, with a matching swan-necked faucet. But all this will become alive when you place fresh blooms on a piece of spotted marble or a wooden item! Peaceful and classical!

black kitchen with blooms and sink in darker tones
Source: hips.hearstapps.com

19. Shower your Kitchen with Colors – You may use bright objects to draw attention to your kitchen. Like the red bowl on the countertop is bound to grab your eyes and point them towards the mixer and red knobs on the range. Similarly, the avocado vase containing sunflowers will move your gaze towards the turquoise cookie jar and the yellow pantry. The white spaces from the cabinets to the walls are significant in resting your eyes.

White kitchen with contrasting colors red oven knobs and yellow pantry door
Source: thespruce.com

20. Classic English Kitchen – The glamorous English kitchen is essentially white accompanied with well polished and patterned traditional cabinets and to top it all off, you have the cream-toned marble backsplash like a curtain to the royal-blue kitchen stove and oven. The magnificent chandelier will just add style and class just after sunset and brighten up the epoxied countertop. This is a sure-shot style if you are thinking classic!

English kitchen in white with chandelier wood floors and marble wall
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

21.    Natural Textures to add Style and Warmth – A stark white kitchen can be made warm with a woodsy texture. You can place branches in a glass vase and it will unite with all the warm attributes of the kitchen, like the brass light fixtures and rustic bar stools. The flowering plant on the far side of the cooking area will balance the space.

White kitchen with large windows and above lighting with plants
Source: thespruce.com

22. How about some Stone? – This is too beautiful to be true! The stone kitchen with roughly hewn wooden countertops will be super-attractive with the sink made from a single block of gray stone. The chandelier is partially covered with strategically grown climbers and lights will twinkle at you from amongst the greens. The plants on the countertop and the stone walls will make this space “Nature” personified and in its full glory!

Stone kitchen with plants and chandelier and wood countertop
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

23. Farmhouse Inspired Countertop – Vintage kitchen accessories will give you the farmhouse feel. The food scale from the local flea market, the wooden spoon holder is an old lantern put to use, while the “freshly baked pies” sign is a DIY project to give a rustic aesthetic and cozy feel to the kitchen.

kitchen decorating ideas for countertops with farmhouse decor
Source: thespruce.com

24. Conventional with some Challenges – You can spice up the serious and conventional white kitchen with a hot pink marble countertop and wooden cabinets! Further, the bright green shoots highlight the kitchen space by contrasting with all the three shades! You will find yourself in your culinary heaven!

Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops with white kitchen pink countertop and decor
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

25. Patterned Accents for Your Cool Kitchen – You can add cherry colored accessories to attract visual appeal to the countertop. You can place a stack of cookbooks that gives life to the kitchen and keeps the recipes at your fingertips. The new and old objects can be mixed and rearranged, like placing the copper watering can beside the patterned backsplash. This will make the cooking space come alive.

Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops with cookbooks patterned backsplash and other decor in white
Source: thespruce.com

26. Geometry in your Kitchen! – You can go hexagonal and a beehive with the walls of your kitchen and this is really modern. It would be stunning and actually accentuate your white kitchen. Moreover, the space would look magnified. This decor can be teamed up with pure white countertops and matte steel-gray lower cabinets. The total look is brightened with wooden accents and gold-hues on the gray. Just place a pop of lilac in a glass mason jar and the look is sealed!

Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops with beehive backsplash and gray cabinets
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

27. Kitchen Staples to Beautify your Kitchen – The countertop can be dressed up by a beautiful mix of kitchen staples that will be aesthetically endearing. You can make daily use items like a lotion set, bottled soap and a scrub brush look more attractive by placing them in tiny white caddies. You can brighten the kitchen by placing yellow peppers and a few leafy branches from your yard on a black dish. You can create a designated spot for keeping a variety of cooking oils for sautéing and frying. Salt and pepper would also fit by placing a thin tray just beside the oven. A whole-grain loaf placed on a wooden cutting board will complete the look of your kitchen!

Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops with plants and storage shelves with gold lighting
Source: thespruce.com

28. The Soft Pastel Look – This can work perfectly for those who love a pristine porcelain white and spotless kitchen, because it is just a soothing shade of the lightest green. The lime soft green is highlighted with rose-gold or rich copper tones on the places left white. Richer green hues can be brought in by keeping garden plants or herbs or brighter greens in tender shoots. You can also play with textures. The glass element will make the kitchen appear clean and neat and accentuate the entire look and feel.

Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops with copper tubing shelves and cups
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

29. Green Elements – Enliven the Kitchen – Though pretty, topiary balls are quite unexpected in kitchens yet these can brighten up your kitchen. A glass vase filled with green apples will complement the striking box plants.

Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops in marble with three plants and large window
Source: thespruce.com

30.The Glamour of Bare Wood – Simple wooden textures in your kitchen are bound to win over hearts. They are not only good to behold, but can bring a fresh and clean feel to the entire space. It is ideal for small kitchen spaces. You can match up wooden accents for countertops and cabinets with a cozy, white kitchen decor. Just remove all extras and behold! The bare wooden rack on the countertop, along with stainless steel fixtures and faucet sink, lends a much-needed style to your kitchen! The entire look is brought together with the pendant lights!

Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops with small fridge with storage shelves and lighting
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

31. Functional Countertops – Such countertops are for the hardworking kitchen items. It has four outlets to place the appliances on the countertop. You can have a handy pot filter faucet for added functionality! Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops that feature appliances are always a plus.

White kitchen decorating ideas for countertops with metal accents with wooden floors
Source: thespruce.com

32. Blue for the Royal Touch – Your kitchen done in royal blues with marble countertops, is equally aristocratic as a pristine white kitchen! The royal blue cabinets gel well with an all-white decor and speckled marble countertop. The exquisite pendant lighting with a polished copper finish, accentuates the decor as well! It is classic, with a blend of white, with an unusual dark hue to give a sultry look. To bring in balance, add wooden stools which also add a carefree touch to the otherwise magnetic and charged atmosphere!

Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops in blue and white kitchen with flowers
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

Everyday Items to Add Glamour

The backsplash with a classic herringbone-tiled look, is ideal to marry up different wooden elements like bowls, cutting boards, and utensils. The all-white canisters will form spots for placing everyday utility items required for eating and cooking. Include fresh florals into the total mix to bring your kitchen to life!

Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops in white kitchen with brown walls
Source: thespruce.com

Color your Kitchen with Basic Grays

Grays, the basic neutral shade, is one of the best choices for most kitchen spaces. It can transform a bland kitchen into the center of attention of your home. Classic dove gray wood-paneled walls, a pure white countertop, and a black counter body will make your kitchen dynamic. Just make sure to add a dash of yellow and green. Round off the entire look with hanging glass bird-box lighting and milky white porcelain crockery on open shelves.

Gray kitchen with light countertop and shelves with lighting
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

Sculptural Accents for Sophistication

Use fresh flowers in decorative vases and large bowls of produce for decorating your kitchen countertop. You can add sculptural items that blend well with the cooking space to give it a sophisticated look!

Kitchen with brown countertops and white cabinets with shelves and plants
Source: thespruce.com

White Paneling

If your kitchen is entirely wood-paneled it will feel clean, look chic and be easy to maintain. A white-paneled kitchen complemented with bare and polished wooden accents is a spectacle. The sunlight is bound to enter in huge amounts. The ceiling decoration is done with dark and white vintage lighting and fans to add antiquity to the kitchen space. This type of kitchen is perfect for tropical climates, making way for a windy and cool atmosphere as if you are on a beach!

Kitchen with wood countertops and floors with white panel walls
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

Ornamental Dispensers for Personality

Interior decorators say “less is more” and so make your kitchen countertops clutter-free. Add a few ornamental items to complement your kitchen. Greenery and fresh flowers energize your kitchen. Decorative soap dispensers can also do the trick!

Kitchen countertop with minimal decor with greenery and soap dispenser
Source: thespruce.com

Farmhouse Feel

Farmhouse kitchens give that timeless feel and style. Your kitchen can boast a merry and cheerful feel, taking away all the boredom. A single long grey counter accompanied with a built-in shelf for the glasses, will give the contemporary styles a stiff competition. It is complete by itself and is only accentuated by the beautiful chandelier that adds elegance and life to your cooking space!

Farmhouse kitchen with concrete countertops and chandelier with open beam ceiling
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

Elevation of Countertop Decor

You can elevate the decor of your countertop by bringing it higher onto open shelving. It is a great idea even for small kitchens. Open shelves have a comparable effect to beautiful countertop decor and also give better opportunities to use counter space.

Kitchen with marble countertops and wooden open shelving with white cabinets
Source: thespruce.com

Country Ambience on the Kitchen Counter

Add country-fresh colors to your kitchen to bring in eternal spring to your cooking space. White walls with a cool grey countertop and flanked by windows with square panes just are beauty, serenity, and happiness personified. A touch of yellow in your furniture and a pop of lush green within a glass on the countertop, will complete the picture. Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops like this one, look best with small amounts of color added.

Kitchen countertop with flowers and yellow chair with wooden shelf
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

Decoration of Small Cooking Space

You can go bold, even in small spaces. Place wood cutting boards, attractive ceramics for utensils, plants, and bunches of flowers, to make the cooking space more pretty and warm.

Small kitchen with wooden shelves with ceramics and flowers
Source: thespruce.com

Black is the Answer

The hypnotic and majestic black can never be left out, as no style is complete without it and kitchen decor applies too. Pretty and bold accents of black with golden knobs are winners both in design and style. This can be matched with polished or brushed metallic accents and your kitchen is well-prepared for your guests. Use creamy white marble for the countertops to create the perfect surreal contrasting look and the flaming red frame, will just complete the overall feel.

Black kitchen with gold accents and metal appliances
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

Glass to Raise the Bar

Want to make your kitchen ethereal and elegant? Go for all glass decor. It is high maintenance, but is ageless in a well-maintained home. A drastic makeover can only be done with glass countertops and tabletops. Top it up with heavy-set or collectors marble crockery and fine glass dining pieces.

To make it look vintage and classic pair it with iron or polished dark wood for the tables. You may use a kitchen cupboard with ornate square-shaped glass panels as well. Kitchen decorating ideas for countertops that include other furniture pieces, are always worth considering.

Glass counter in kitchen with brown cabinet and glassware
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

Wooden Rough-edged Polished Countertops

Designs that are asymmetrical and natural are the current trend and it is the same in kitchen decor. This asymmetrical, rough, natural-edged design with an in-built slot for kitchen sink, carved out from a single piece of wood, makes the entire design. The countertop is perfected by a raw finish and shimmering polish. The remaining kitchen is made with a sandstone hue for the niche wall and the lower cabinets have an ivory shade, to give a cohesive appearance.

Wood countertop in kitchen with white cabinets and brown tones
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

Indigo – Changing Mood

Blue brings calmness in all its shades and tones. It brings serenity and tranquility in any and every room of your house, inclusive of the kitchen. Your white kitchen can be well complemented with a pretty indigo-tile backsplash. The niche wall can be contrasted with a huge marble chimney. Copper and brass tones here and there will add luxury and increase the glam quotient of your kitchen. The countertops can be kept simple with wood or polished metals, so that colors are accentuated more. This is one of the kitchen decorating ideas for countertops that can add a sense of elegance.

Wood copper and bronze accent kitchen with blue backsplash
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

Stark White Kitchen

White is always “IN.” A pure white kitchen is the most stylish, classic and dominates the decor. Just do away with colors from your tables, countertops and chair cushions, so that they go well with the speckled-tiled wall and the milky white cabinets. A bit of polished dark wood and gold for chairs and pendant lights, can do away with the monotone and spell the glamour and magic. Enliven the look with a dash of floral.

White kitchen cabinets with decor with gold lighting and floral accents
Source: cdn.architecturelab.net

Any of these kitchen decorating ideas for countertops will greatly improve the look and feel of any kitchen. So go forth and be creative.


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