Hang On The Wall Kitchen Decor Collection Set

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Though your kitchen wall may be filled with cabinets and open shelves, you will always find some blank space to contend with. And when it comes to kitchen walls, all rules concerning art and aesthetic simply goes out of the window. Walls, however, when left bare can make a kitchen seem incomplete. This is even more so when the rest of your home has a central theme. To ensure that your cooking slash eating space reflects the same level of taste as the rest of your home, finding the right kitchen decor collection set will definitely give it a boost.

When thinking of kitchen wall decor, the use of metals like silver, aluminum and painted alloy come highly recommended. Metallic decor is not just durable, it can also transform a seemingly boring wall into an extraordinary one without being too ostentatious. To give you a glimpse on how metal can easily convert a lackluster kitchen interior into an exciting place, here are 2 kitchen decor collection set options to choose from.

To start off, here’s a set that delves on the vintage side of things..

1. Set of 3 Metal Coffee Cups

CT DISCOUNT STORE Set of 3 Metal Coffee Cups for kitchen
Show your love for coffee with this amazing metal kitchen decor collection set. Displaying a set of creative tableau showing hot cups of pure sensational coffee will definitely help boost the look of your kitchen wall as well as your daily dallying on the kitchen floor.

You can line them up horizontally or vertically. Put them on top of your cabinets. Or hang them according to the arrangement above. Depending on your kitchen space, these set of 3 Mocha, Latte and Java metal coffee cups definitely add more sass to your wall. For best results, have them placed near your coffee maker or perhaps, in a favorite breakfast nook. This kitchen decor collection set is good for almost any kitchen.

Many reviews from actual buyers state that they love this bronzed coffee cup set as they easily blend with any kitchen design. It is so easy to hang, too. To clean, simply take off from the wall and wipe with a soft cloth. If your kitchen has a bigger blank space, buy two or three sets to make decorating consistent. You can order your set from the trusted Amazon HERE.

For a more modern feel..

2. Benzara Cutlery Wall Decor Aluminum Utensil, 36/8-Inch, Set of 3

Deco 79 Cutlery Wall Decor Aluminum Utensil, 36/8 Inch Set of 3 for kitchenbuy-amazon-button
Got a modern kitchen design? Why not go for this culinary inspired aluminum cutlery kitchen decor collection set? Aluminum is used extensively in modern decorative settings due to its many advantages. Aside from naturally generating a protective oxide coating thereby needing no paint, it also retains its hardness even in extreme conditions. Easy to clean due to its strong anodic coating, this 8 inch cutlery set will definitely boost your modern minimalist kitchen or its dining area.

To put this culinary inspired decorative element, simply line them up in a neat and balanced composition right on your bare kitchen wall or near the dining area. Aluminum is non toxic so cleaning them using a kitchen cloth can be easy and convenient. Built to last, this stylish and attractive design will make an excellent housewarming gift to a friend or family member who has recently moved in. This product which was only released on Amazon very recently has earned some fantastic reviews from buyers. Just check them out before finalizing your choice.


Coffee and utensils wall decor collection set for kitchen
Adding some drama to your bare kitchen walls can actually be done without losing an arm or leg. These two kitchen decor collection set options – set of coffee cups and cutlery set—will definitely make a good complement to your overall design. The coffee cups would make a great supplement to vintage and country style kitchens. The cutlery set, on the other hand, would make a great focal point in a modern minimalist home. Or you may have both to deliver an eclectic kitchen design that’s fun and creative.


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