17 Breakfast Bar Ideas For Small Kitchens

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When you have a small kitchen, you do not have a lot to work with. However, with the addition of a breakfast bar you can make the most out of any small kitchen. So examine these stylish breakfast bar ideas for making your smaller kitchen into your new favorite room.

Windowsill Breakfast Bars

Yes, your windowsill can act quite nicely like a breakfast bar. And it’s cheaper too! Go for a wider windowsill to make it comfortable for you. Also attach it at a height that’s best for sitting position. Add a few stools and you have a nice looking windowsill breakfast bar, saving space in your kitchen.

Breakfast bars under windows in white kitchen

Wooden windowsill breakfast bar with wood top and plants

Sturdy windowsill breakfast bar made of wood in white kitchen

Wall Cut-out Breakfast Bar

When your space is limited, consider adding a wall cutout bar. This concept works well when your dining room is directly opposite your kitchen. A rectangular section of the wall, between the kitchen and the dining room is cut out of the wall. This creates an opening between your kitchen and dining room. Add a narrow counter along the bottom of the cutout, creating a bar that can be accessed from both the dining room and the kitchen. This helps open up your kitchen area and add some additional seating. This is one of the breakfast bar ideas that may seem daunting at first, but with some planning, it can be done.

Wall cut out bar with wooden stools in pastel green kitchen

Kitchen wall cut out breakfast bar with white countertops and wicker bar chairs

Wall cut out bar in with kitchen with shelving

Kitchen Counter breakfast Bar

Another idea is to remove cupboards below your existing counter space. Add cupboards along the upper walls of your kitchen and remove the lower drawers. This will free up the Small Living Room Decor space below your counters and allow you to set up a small bar area without taking up any additional room. The best part of this idea is that you do not have to install any new countertops, making it an affordable design option. Affordability is important when deciding on breakfast bar ideas.

Contemporary kitchen counter breakfast bar with lighting and gray chairs

Space saving kitchen counter breakfast bar with storage

Floating Breakfast Bars

If you have an extra tiny kitchen , a wall-mounted breakfast bar is a good option . Make sure it’s foldable and you can make it as large as you need. Tip: You can attach a floating breakfast bar to your kitchen island to separate your cooking and eating space.

Floating breakfast bar from the wall

A floating breakfast bar attached to the kitchen side wall

Floating kitchen table attached to a breakfast bar in a rustic kitchen

Center Island with Breakfast Bar

This final design concept involves the most work. Also, this may not be possible if you have a load bearing wall that separates the kitchen and dining area.

If you have a large dining room table, switch to a smaller table to free up some space. Insert a large kitchen island with sink or stove in the center of the new kitchen / dining area. Use whatever design style you like best, including classic, modern, or contemporary.

Center Island with Breakfast Bar made of wood with black chairs

Breakfast bar with center island, lots of storage space and pendant lighting

Other types of breakfast bar ideas for small kitchen spaces

Breakfast bar in white kitchen attached to kitchen counter top

Floating glass bar on island in black and white kitchen

Slide out breakfast bar with white kitchen and island

Small slide out breakfast bar with wooden topped stools

Leave Enough Room to Move Around

As you try to find kitchen decor, you should keep in mind, small kitchen mistakes you should avoid. Be sure to use ideas that will work with your smaller area and try to leave enough room to move around. You still want to have enough space to cook and not bump into the counters. Hopefully, you were able to find inspiration in some of the concepts presented.

When you are ready to get started with the remodeling of your kitchen for your breakfast bar ideas, find a quality home contractor in your area. Compare contractors and take the time to research reviews of their work from other homeowners. Thank you for reading and good luck on your kitchen remodeling.

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