8 Unique and creative ways to optimize your kitchen space

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It always feels like you don’t have enough space in your kitchen. Especially if you are like me who has a habit of collecting all those little items you don’t need. Though sometimes they are still are pretty handy and required during specific occasions. Here are 8 creative and fun ways to optimize your kitchen space using items you may already have in your house.

  1. Repurpose baby jars or small jars to magnetic spice jars to store your spices. You can stick them on the side of your refrigerator. Put a label on the back so that you can easily find your spices when they are needed.Repurpose baby jars or small jars to optimize your kitchen space
  2. Organize all the paper documents like recipes you may have printed, coupons and other similar items you want to store. Simply use a plastic sleeve or a clear folder and put all the papers in it and stick the sleeve on the inside portion of your cabinet or pantry door or on a wall that you can access easily.
  3. Convert old magazine rack to pot lid rack. You can screw the metal magazine rack on the back of your kitchen door or back of cabinet door and arrange the lids inside it. This is a great way to make more space.
  4. Do you have an old loaf pan or bread box? Put all the things you occasionally use, like your bakery items whether it is your cup cake wrappers, sprinklers, things that you only need at times of preparing cakes. This is a simple way to optimize your kitchen space.
  5. Hang your cups. All you need is the hooks you hang things on. Put them up on the wall, say beside your kitchen window and hang your cups. It looks good and also makes a lot of space.Hang your cups on hooks to optimize your kitchen space
  6. If you have accumulated lot of junk, like paper clips, pins etc. you will love this idea. Instead of putting all the junk in one big drawer and then go around looking for them when needed, put all of them in a muffin tray so that they are all in one place and you know where to look for them. You can then put this muffin tray in your junk drawer.
  7. Keep your glasses in an elevated space. This prevents from accidental ramming and chipping. Of course if you are using wine glasses, get yourself a nice looking high hanging rustic wine glass holder. This looks nicer and is also a good way to optimize your kitchen space.
  8. Use a shoe organizer for utensils, bottles or packets of this and that, which you do not often use. It gives you a lot of space for items you don’t need often and you can easily fine items when needed.

All of these little things do help and go a long way to optimize your kitchen space in the long run. You can achieve this with old items lying around your house. Get your family involved and have fun in organizing your kitchen space.


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