8 Timeless Victorian Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Planning to breathe new life to your kitchen? Why not go the rustic Victorian route? Victorian kitchen decor ideas come in various inspirational motifs allowing you to shift a modern home into a timeless, elegant one with just a few pieces. But what truly makes a Victorian-inspired kitchen that’s not only functional, but also ritzy and contemporary?

Victorian Kitchen Decor Ideas in white
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While you may no longer have one of those cathedral arch doorways, there are other ways to add a touch of Victorian glitz into your kitchen. Here are some ideas to remember:

1. Woodstove. What’s a Victorian kitchen without a woodstove. While your kitchen may already house a modern gas range with all the amenities you need, it is never too cozy to set a woodstove in a corner as a decorative element. This one makes an awesome corner kitchen showcase that adds a sense of warmth to your kitchen.

Victorian kitchen Woodstove
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2. Open-Shelved Dresser. One of the most prominent Victorian kitchen decor ideas is the use of an open-shelved dresser. Some space-challenged homes choose to go the recessed walls route. Wise shoppers, on the other hand, frequent flea markets to look for rundown dressers and cupboards. A little sanding and repaint here and there will ultimately deliver the look you are aiming for.

Open Shelved Dresser in white
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3. The Island. Victorian kitchens exude utilitarian bliss, hence the presence of a kitchen table is commonly used as a work area, instead of a dining nook. Sitting at the heart of the kitchen, an island can be stripped of its paint to create a sharp contrast to the walls. This will help draw the eye to the island table and create a more cohesive Victorian timeless look.

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4. Quirky Backsplashes. Victorian kitchens boast of tiled backsplashes featuring unique designs. Think subway tiles for a fusion between contemporary and modern functionality. Murals and painted tiles also make great focal point in the cooking area. For a quirkier take, look for mismatched tiles in salvage or vintage stores, too.

Quirky Victorian Backsplash
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5. The Sink And Open Plate Rack. Instead of reinventing an old scullery to house the sink, open up yours by placing an ornately designed open-rack for plates, bowls, cup and saucers, and other eating utensils. This aims to deliver not just timeless elegance but also practicality– a common attribute in Victorian kitchens.

Victorian Wooden Sink And Open Plate Rack
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6. Elegant Yet Functional Lighting. Good lighting has never lost its meaning during the Victorian era and even until today. You can choose the vintage variety with intricate chandeliers or go the functional task lighting route, for a simpler, practical yet still timeless take.

Task kitchen lighting decor ideas
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7. Copper Galore. Add drama to your Victorian style kitchen by whisking in a few copper pots, pans and kettles. Copper hollow-ware has always been a central decorative element in this area owing to the primal appeal of copper. Keep in mind that “bright copper kettles” are still some people’s favorite things.

Victorian kitchen decor ideas in copper
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Astounding Elegance

You can never go wrong with any of these Victorian kitchen decor ideas. Do this all at once or infuse decorative elements one at a time when short on your budget. The key is to look for continuity, fluidity and a sense of excellently pulled-together look to truly embrace that timeless appeal. You can even breathe more life into your kitchen with an herb garden on your windowsill to add balance to the nostalgic appeal.



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