7 Kitchen Island Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Home

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where families converge to dine and share their experiences all throughout the day. When thinking of remodeling an old kitchen, the addition of a new kitchen island may be foremost on your mind. The idea will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the whole kitchen space, it will also add more functionality and work space helpful to the family. To begin your remodeling efforts, here are 7 kitchen island ideas to consider.

kitchen island ideas
1. Consider the overall purpose of the said space. Kitchen islands serves as an additional work and serving surface to your abode. Some islands usually integrate a sink to conveniently handle dirty wares and food cleaning. Others incorporate cooktops, as well as a sink, transforming it into the central area for food preparation and clean-up. In some homes, kitchen islands offer extra room for seating and storage, as well as a pocket eating area other than the main dining table.

2. It is also important to consider the shape of your space when thinking of crafting kitchen island ideas. Not all kitchens come with a square or rectangular shape. Some come in an odd S, L or U-form. Depending on the home’s floor plan, you may want to consider the curves and edges that provide a unique vantage point for the whole kitchen space. Rectangular and square kitchen islands can be softened by semi-circle islands in the same way as a curve-shaped one. Some infuse two rectangles to form a T-shaped island for a more captivating image. To create a more free-flowing kitchen foot traffic, some homes go for wedged shapes.

Semi circle kitchen island ideas in wood
3. Your kitchen’s size must also be considered. Surprisingly, small kitchens are easier to design than larger ones. Kitchen island ideas for small spaces, focuses greatly on added storage and prep surfaces, delivering more functional solutions. Think about open or built-in storage to help stow cooking and dining essentials. Some small spaces choose mobile kitchen islands to allow more flexibility. Regardless of the size, however, additional workspace in this particular space is always a bonus.

4. What your kitchen island is made of, must also be taken into mind. The top materials used as countertops on many kitchen island ideas, are natural stone like granite or slate, solid surfaces, plastic laminate, ceramic tile, wood, quarts composites, and stained concrete. Today, there are hundreds of colors, textures, and patterns for you to choose from.

5. Homeowners are advised to make good use of their kitchen space, by addin an island to it for added functionality and, of course, charm. It paves the way for additional storage, as a dining or seating area, a second sink, a food prep area, or a cooking area. In some cases, kitchen islands also function as a divider between a living space or a dining space and the actual kitchen or cooking area.

kitchen island ideas in wood with more storage
6. Try to incorporate the overall architectural features of your home when thinking of kitchen island ideas. From wood carvings to trim moldings, posts, paints, and design, let this flow into your kitchen island feature to create a sense of uniformity and continuity. On hindsight, creating a unique and showpiece kitchen design may make do with modern and stand-alone kitchen island pieces.

7. Perhaps the most important aspect in choosing among various kitchen island ideas is the cost. Keep in mind that remodeling your kitchen island may very well run from $2000 to $20,000 when you do not know what to do. The final cost is often dependent on the quality of appliances, materials, and design aspects being used.

Black chairs with island and plants
Indeed, finding kitchen island ideas to suit the heart of your home can be quite challenging. Keep in mind that you need to have this area tailored specifically for your kitchen needs. Plan carefully its design and features to successfully enhance and improve your kitchen’s functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.


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