7 Kitchen Decor Themes For High Rise Living

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The kitchen has always been hailed one of the hearts of many homes. It is more than just a space for cooking and eating but rather, a place where everyone comes together to partake in discussions over familiar banter. Though most kitchen decor themes mostly revolve around the idea of family and friends gathering on lazy weekend brunches, a real dilemma has always been felt by those living in high rises. Condo kitchens, as we all know have limited space thus, making decorating truly taxing. So, when thinking of redecorating your space, here are some inspirational, practical and easy to do kitchen decor themes for high rise living or apartment living.

Family in dining area

1. Artistic Stove

Artistic stove for cooking
Not allowed to repaint or do any major overhaul in your unit? Then, invest in an oven and range set-up that will unleash the Masterchef in you. A really great stove can transform any kitchen. Planning a kitchen overhaul around its cooking zone is the wisest and, by far, the easiest part of creating kitchen décor themes without even trying. This complete artistic stove-slash-oven set-up can be either customized or bought straight from any appliance store and usually doesn’t require approval for tenants in high rises.

2. Recessed Shelving for Extra Storage

Recessed Shelving and storage
Another important aspect in high-rise living kitchen makeovers is space restrictions. The need to maximize every square-footage of a home requires smart space-saving storage ideas. One of such is by making good use of what you have. Get your kitchen wall naked and turn those recessed walls into storage spaces. It can hold plates, lines, spices, cookbooks, and what-have-you. To add a decorative touch, line those exposed bones and studs with wallpaper or paint that coordinates with the overall home design. More storage always helps with kitchen decor themes for high rise living.

3. Eclectic Surprise

Eclectic colorful kitchen decor themes
Surrounded by a row of dreary buildings? Why not bring sunshine into your kitchen abode? Show your fun side with a kitchen riding on an eclectic side. Mixing different styles can easily add charm, comfort and personality to a kitchen space. Go for a traditional white or pale blue foundation and add surprising touches like these colorful tiles. Add some floating shelves and you’re good to go.

4. Fab Farm

Farmhouse kitchen decor themes with sliding barn door
Who says you can’t have a country farmhouse or barnyard in the city? Amid the space limitations, you can still make a kitchen feel homey by adding wood elements, open shelving, an old-fashioned range, a woody flooring, free-standing cabinetry, and so on. These barn doors, for instance, add some mesmerizing charm to a pantry.

5. The Ultra Modern

Modern white and green kitchen decor themes
If you are one who basks in the “now,” one of the most highly coveted kitchen decor themes for high-rises are ultra modern kitchens. From flat-panel door style to frameless full-overlay cabinets and sleek tubular pulls, everything about modern kitchen themes lie on simplistic, minimalist and space-saving ideas. There is apparent lack of ornamentation yet, everything about the design speaks volumes of stylishness and charm. Simply add consistent accent pieces to bind the whole theme together.

6. Color With Passion

White and orange kitchen decor themes
Decorate your cooking and dining space with gusto. Most condominium dwellers are situated in busy metropolis usually characterized by dreary paved surroundings and busy foot or vehicular traffic. Mute such things with a space that hugs you with comfort and enchantment. Add a splash of bold color complete with a high gloss finish. This white and orange ensemble, for instance, take this condo kitchen to new heights. When choosing accessories like decorative plates, serving ware, tiles, or kitchen linens and other textiles, keep consistent with the color palette to avoid visual riot. Colors are a great way to set your kitchen decor themes for high rise living apart from others.

7. Go Classic Black and White

Black and White kitchen decor themes
For single-and-ready to mingle male or femme fatale, however, a monochromatic palette tends to add more visual interest and personality to a kitchen space. Think black-and-white or all-white with an all-black accessories (or vice-versa). Black and white ensemble is always deemed classic and “safe” particularly in modern kitchen spaces smacked right at the heart of the metropolis.

Indeed, remodeling a high-rise kitchen can be an overwhelming experience—but an exciting one at that. Living on the 10th floor or more may seem like a world away but bringing what you love into the said space can still be done. Let these kitchen decor themes for high-rise living inspire you to make such changes.


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