7 Kitchen Countertop Inspirations

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Like a stylish necklace to a fabulous outfit, your kitchen countertop speaks volumes of your home’s personality and style. It can make a strong impression serving as a highlight to your overall kitchen design. But with the growing number of choices nowadays, picking from the wide-ranging kitchen countertop inspirations provided by the best artisans and interior designers can be overwhelming. One has to be mindful though, when choosing a design as it can easily turn into an expensive foray. So, before you splurge, consider these kitchen countertop inspirations so you’ll know precisely what will match your space—without overspending.

modern dining area with island

1. Glass-Topped Countertop

Glass Topped dining area
Glass countertops are noted for their sleek and streamlined appearance. Aside from clear glass, there are an array of glass color options to fit your unique taste and design. Glass kitchen countertops add a more modern vibe to any kitchen without even trying. It is also easy to clean and maintain being stain-resistant. If you prioritize sanitation, this type has long been considered one of the most hygienic of the lot. To ensure durability, go for tempered glass with at least an inch of thickness.

2. No-Fuss Quartz Countertops

Engineered quartz island top
When it comes to maintenance-free kitchen countertop inspirations, the engineered quartz has always been highly recommended by many homeowners. Aside from stain and acid free, it is also scratch-proof and resistant to both impact and heat. With a nonporous surface, engineered quartz kitchen countertops do not require sealers. To add style and creativity, there are virtually hundreds of colors and patterns available nowadays.

3. Stain-Free Stainless Steel

Stain Free Stainless Steel kitchen countertop inspirations
What used to be a staple in commercial kitchens is moving to many homes as well. Stainless steel is as modern as it can get. Its shiny metal surface exudes an industrial no-nonsense look. By far, it is also considered the easiest to clean with all kitchen countertop inspirations. With just a cloth and some mild soap, voila! It’s spick-and-span with nary a trace of mold and mildew or any microbial buildup. No wonder it has a growing following among modern minimalist homes.

4. Multifunctional Wood

Wood kitchen countertop inspirations
There’s classy wood and then, there’s multifunctional wood kitchen countertop. Wood countertops are a common favorite among homes who want to recreate a warm cottage kitchen look. But instead of using classic wood, this butcher-block countertop style provides functional decorating a two thumbs up. Here, you can chop meat and vegetables, place hot pots and pans, and prepare all the nutritious goodies you wish to place on the table for the whole family to enjoy.

5. Polished Concrete Countertop

Polished Concrete kitchen countertop inspirations
Concrete is one of the basic foundations of homes. With this in mind, why not add a sense of seemingly indestructible element into your kitchen countertop? But instead of the usual concrete, this one comes polished to add some artisanship and aesthetics. Durable and budget-friendly, it can help unify the overall design elements in your home from floors to walls to countertops.

6. Black Beauty

Black granite kitchen countertop inspirations
Classic black granite is quartz equally popular twin. Aside from offering a high-end appeal to the overall kitchen design, it also provides space for kitchen preparations. Easy to clean with just a single wipe, it prevents oils, acids and other food form from piling up in your countertop. So, there you go—elegance without the hassle of maintenance.

7. Go Laminated

Laminated kitchen countertop inspirations
If you are short on budget, however, and still want to exude the same artistry as having granite or a quartz, laminate countertops for the kitchen is your best bet in achieving such a design. Perhaps, one of the most budget-friendly kitchen countertop inspirations, these laminates can resemble wood, natural stone and other designs with just a fraction of the cost.

Bonus: Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

Backyard kitchen countertop inspirations in brick
Most American homes have backyard kitchens to accommodate barbecue parties. Why not make the space fully functional by adding a countertop that allows you to slice tomatoes, chop-off steak, prepare meat for barbecue, mix green salads and so much more. When choosing outdoor kitchen countertops, it is imperative to prioritize durability and style second. Granite would make a good option for an open-air backyard kitchen as it does not absorb stain and won’t easily fade in sun’s glare or from precipitation.

In conclusion, your choice of kitchen countertop should not only reflect your personal style. It must reflect how you prepare, serve and take pleasure in consuming food right at the heart of your home—the kitchen. With these kitchen countertop inspirations, always choose one that answers not just your home’s sense of interior design but also its capacity in food preparation and budget as well.


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