7 Easy to Do Kitchen Curtain Ideas

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Do you fancy new kitchen curtain ideas? The kitchen is the heart of every home. While it may be small and crowded with tables, chairs, utensils, appliances, pots and pans, the kitchen must also be airy and devoid of contraptions which may hamper the stream of natural light. This is precisely why kitchen curtains must be carefully handpicked to ensure that you get the right color, size, and style. To give you an idea, here are some great kitchen curtain ideas you can consider.

kitchen curtain ideas

1. Beads Mania

Bead curtain kitchen ideas
Step out of the usual fabric, lace or plastic varieties. Making your own kitchen curtains from wooden, crystal or even colorful plastics will make a gorgeous add-on to any kitchen. Feel free to make a full beaded curtain to cover a kitchen doorway leading to a patio. Hang strands of them right at the sink window to catch magical light. All you need to have are beads of different colors, a fishing line, scissors, curtain rod, and other embellishments you wish to add. You can buy bulk bead items on Amazon if you want to create your own pattern and design.

2. Sheer Kitchen

Window with plants and shelf in green and whote
There is nothing nicer in a kitchen than sheer curtains. Aside from bringing in natural light into the room, sheer kitchen curtains deliver a simple or clean look. You can place them near the sink or to cover a glass door leading to a patio. With their neutrality, this type of curtain can easily go together with any paint color and furniture design.

3. Attention-Grabber

Black and white roman curtain kitchen ideas
For the ultimate dramatic flair, however, consider eye-catching kitchen curtain ideas and designs like stripes, burst of florals, gingham or plaid. The black and white foldable Roman window treatment above creates a sense of cohesiveness from the floor to the top. Plaids and stripes, by the way, can easily blend with any floor types and always deliver more depth in a room.

4. Go Roman

Sink and window with dressings and white sink
Kitchens often have small windows right above the sink. Make good use of foldable Roman shades as their size creates not just aesthetic and decorative advantages, but they also tend to NOT overpower the room. Roman shades actually compliment any architectural details of the whole kitchen space. Simply choose a fabric that will go along the other details of the kitchen.

5. Café Tier Curtains

Cafe tier curtain ideas in yellow kitchen
If your kitchen has this “café area” or a space with a window, these tiered café curtains will definitely spruce it up. These short-tier 3-piece curtains usually cover the bottom half of the window with a valance hanging on top. They add a sense of privacy and luminosity to the space in a more balanced way, while letting in more natural light. This type of curtain only needs a tension rod or curtain clips to set up.

6. Country Road

Country window
Warm, homey, and welcoming, these are the very elements of a country kitchen. Think about plaids, pastels, and florals when looking for kitchen curtain ideas. Plaid fabrics loosely hanged on curtain rods bring interest and harmony as well as a cozy and rustic surprise that pokes at the heart.

7. Nostalgia

Lace kitchen curtain ideas
Add a sense of nostalgia to a kitchen that’s filled with history and memorabilia. One way to do that is too use old lace kitchen curtains. Lace always lend a dramatic flair to any setting giving it a seemingly old-world look with plenty of natural light streaming into the room.


Indeed, these kitchen curtain ideas can be of great help in creating a space with much care and attention. Apart from their practicality, they can also inspire you to concoct delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy. With this you can create an extraordinary cooking and/or dining space loved by everyone.


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