6 Farmhouse Style Ideas to Add Rustic Simplicity to Your Kitchen

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Nothing is more inviting than a warm and cozy farmhouse style kitchen. Farmhouse kitchens are reminiscent of a time where color, texture and a sense of vibrancy and openness generate a sense of the laidback 1800s farm lifestyle. If there is one thing this kitchen brings, it’s the “homey” feel not much seen in many kitchen designs today. If you are one of the many who favors natural elements, here are 6 farmhouse style ideas which you can conveniently add to your own kitchen without breaking the bank.

Farmhouse style ideas
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Paint Color

When it comes to budget friendly farmhouse kitchen revamps, make sure to paint walls and floors with a palette that complements your current interior design. There 4 popular paint colors in this type of kitchen: vibrant red, mustard yellow, mint green and aqua blue. Any of these vibrant colors must be added with cool tones to help balance out the overall palette. Mustard yellow, for instance, can be accented with pure white trims for a lively yet subtle feel reminiscent of old farmhouses. If you prefer white, use either red or brown or blue as accents.

Farmhouse style cabinet ideas with dark backsplash
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Bring Character to Your Cabinets

Depending on your wall, floor and ceiling color palette, paint your cabinets to complete a farmhouse feel. A white on white backdrop would look good with wood colored cabinets. For a distressed look, try painting your cabinets brown then, put white paint on top. Sand down gently to reveal the brown paint. Add antique hutches to complete a vintage look. Open shelves and glass front cabinets are great way to display bowls and china collection. These are just some examples of farmhouse style ideas anyone can do.

farmhouse style breakfast nook in white kitchen
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Add a Breakfast Nook

Farmhouse kitchens are not complete without a breakfast nook. This corner should carry the same airy and carefree feel of the kitchen. Use a vintage table accentuated with buffet seat. You may also use a fixed bench that will double as storage for pots, pans and small appliances. If you do not have ample space, a small 2 seater round table with chairs tied up in striped cushions will do. Breakfast is always a big part of farmhouse style ideas.

Revamp Appliances and Fixtures

Space and movement are defining elements of a farm style kitchen. Add casters to your island table for convenience and accessibility. For the floor, installing wooden or stone tiles will add texture. If budget is on a tightrope, vinyl flooring resembling stone or wood can also work its magic. Check also for modern appliances that lend a vintage look. Some customization experts can create vintage enclosures for refrigerators and ovens to complete an overall farmhouse look.

farm style sink in kitchen
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Not Just Any Sink

One of the defining fixtures in most farmhouse designs is the sink. Single bowl apron sink in rounded or curved design will make a good choice. Think about freshly gathered garden vegetables rinsed in your sink. Check for sinks that have deep basins and integrated backsplash for functionality.

Accessorize, Accessorize

To create a truly cozy farm style kitchen, make use of old mason jars, figurines, baskets, enamel pitchers, fresh flowers, tea lights, antique china, and other vintage looking accessories. Add these to open shelves and cabinets. Hanging pots and pans on the ceiling atop a center island and hanging of wrought iron lighting will also create a homey kitchen farmhouse. These are classic farmhouse style ideas anyone can use.

Indeed, the kitchen is the heart of a home. When thinking of updating to a farmhouse style kitchen, remember to cohesively create a flowing feel that continues from the outside to the living area unto your kitchen by harmonizing the overall tone and design elements of your home. With this, you can finally realize farmhouse style ideas that blend well with your current interior design.


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