5 Kitchen Decor Themes To Spruce Up Your Home

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A kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where families and loved ones converge to prepare and partake in meals while sharing each day’s escapade. When thinking of doing some kitchen improvements, it is only essential that you find kitchen decor themes that address not just cooking or dining, but also make it a fun and efficient space for everyone to enjoy. From floor plan to your choice of furniture, appliances, and paint color; decorating a kitchen requires a concentrated balancing act. To give you inspiration, here are some kitchen decor themes themes to kickstart your kitchen improvement goals.

1. Bare And Sparse

kitchen decor themes with hanging cups and open shelving
Source : lonny.com

Reminiscent of New York in the 1970s, open shelve storage kitchens represent a bohemian feel that further adds drama to the whole kitchen-dining area. Pots and pans are no longer kept inside storage drawers. Kitchen countertops are practically bare of kitchen utensils. Instead open-air and floating shelves hold these items drawing everyone’s focus into them. To give it an added kick, choosing utensils that match the kitchen’s hue will provide a lively feel to the whole space.

2. Modern Zen

Modern Zen kitchen decor theme in white and green
Source : luxurytopics.com

For anyone who can’t stand any clutter or any trace of mess, a Zen kitchen design may prove to bring in the relaxation everyone needs during each meal preparation and dining time. Keep things spic and span by opting for more whites or creams subtly accentuated with light green hues evoking nature’s warmth. The key takeaway of Zen kitchens rest on hidden storage. To spruce it up, simply whisk in a few plants, a fruit basket or a tea set to inject a little modernity to the rather barren space. Kitchen decor themes such as this one are popular with people who want a more modern design.

3. Elegant Bistro

Bistro setup as kitchen theme in darker colors
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Want to feel like dining in the quaint bistros of Milan? How about the chic ones in Paris? Many a romantic couple nowadays are so into the uniqueness and romanticism brought about by the bistro look of the aforementioned tourist hotspots. A bistro-themed kitchen evokes the emotional superiority of the Italians as well as the French, with their love for food and all things hearty and flirty. Here, a perfect balance between one’s adoration for coffee gets exactly the same accolade to that of bottles of wine. Cabinets and furniture pieces are darkly tinted with glassware dominating the whole elegant appearance. A rococo painting or a simple chalkboard often takes centerstage on this kitchen decor theme.

4. Cozy Cottage

Cozy Cottage kitchen decor theme in white
Source : houzz.com

Nothing is more homey and unpretentious than a cozy cottage kitchen. If you want a more lived-in look that evokes happiness each time everyone gather, all you need is a harmonious blend of humble elements. Think about weathered or painted wood cabinets, wicker seats and bar stools, complemented with beaded-board walls, as well as ceiling. Farm wares, ceramic utensils and vintage items may sometimes dominate the whole space. Wood floors and colorful curtains and other accents, set the tone for the whole space.

5. Trendy And Space-Savvy

Trendy And Space Savvy black and white kitchen
Source : decoist.com

Living in a high rise or apartment, a kitchen revamp can be quite a challenge to urbanites. Apart from the challenge brought by limited space, design must also reflect the overall feel of the whole home and its surroundings. So, why not take the major elements in where you are currently living, and use that as main source of ideas for this kitchen decor theme. Go for white or deep black or any other current color trends and patterns, too. Other notable accessories are bar stools, built-in cabinets and multi-functional furniture, as well as modern wall art.

Give It Your Best Shot

There are countless other kitchen decor themes available for you to discover. Keep in mind though that when picking the best one, take your personality as well as that of your family (if any) into consideration. As a rule, always go for harmonious balance, functionality and convenience to create a truly awe-inspiring kitchen where your loved ones will grow.


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