40 Wood Kitchen Design Ideas

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What makes you love wooden kitchen designs? For me, it is the warmth and definitely the classic look! Though various materials have arrived in the market and are doing quite well, nothing can beat wood! Its demand has not ceased. So if you are dreaming of making a modern kitchen with wood, here we have 40 wood kitchen design ideas that we believe you will love and will also help you in choosing whatever idea you may be interested in. I hope, you are not spoiled for choice!

1) Mediterranean Kitchen Floor Plans with Two Islands

The kitchen flooring is an important part for most people when it comes to the interior design of your kitchen and home. This Mediterranean kitchen is built on the foundation of an earthy palate. Warm colors brighten up and infuse style. The walls come in warm neutral shades like buttery cream, deep yellows or balmy beiges to impart elegance.

Mediterranean Kitchen Floor Plans with Two Islands
Source : pinimg.com

2) Minimalist Wood Kitchen

In this minimalistic approach, you will fall in love with the natural wood and the black cabinets will just bowl you over. Also, the flooring and large window really brings everything together.

Wood kitchen design ideas with black cabinets and wood accents
Source : hearstapps.com


3) Mid modern Century Kitchen – Palm Spring Kitchen

Warm colored woods are the key components of this kitchen. The ceiling beams and brick add a nice touch as well.

Wood kitchen design ideas with brick and wooden beams
Source : pinimg.com

4) Wooden Dining Accents

You may consider the wooden accent idea if your kitchen and dining area are the same. The crisp white kitchen with the natural wood booth gives the kitchen a chic-minimalistic design which is again fresh and neutral. This is one of the wood kitchen design ideas that not many people think to use.

Wood kitchen design ideas in white kitchen with large window
Source : hearstapps.com

5) Light Wood Kitchen

This traditional kitchen is made all the more functional yet attractive by its light wood kitchen cabinets. Notice the plants and flowers used in certain places throughout the design.

Wood kitchen design ideas with lighter cabinets and plants
Source : pinimg.com

6) Bespoke Wooden Kitchen

This cool modern kitchen design is in demand and becoming popular among property owners. The white worktop makes it more glamorous. The durable honey oak cabinets have marble countertops which are further accentuated by the silver refrigerator. The beautiful tiles also match with the entire kitchen decor.

Wood kitchen design ideas with white accents and shelves
Source: pinimg.com

7) Retro Kitchen Design

This is the latest trend in kitchen design. These have a very stylish mid-century look but are modern and functional. The wood paneling makes it all the more attractive, along with the black finish.

Wood kitchen design ideas in black with wooden ceilings
Source : pinimg.com

8) Sage Green Wood Kitchen

This natural wood kitchen with a pale green hue is a dream come true with minimal effort. The modern hardware and neutral colors give it an attractive appearance. You will adore coming into this area every day no matter your mood. Wood kitchen design ideas like this one make you appreciate coming into your kitchen.


Wood kitchen design ideas in light green with shelves and lighting
Source : hearstapps.com


9) U-shaped Kitchen

This kitchen is perfect for big families or arranging get-togethers. The wooden tones are perfectly balanced with white-colored wall cabinets to an airy ambiance.

Wood kitchen design ideas U shaped kitchen with lighter floors and backsplash
Source : livmatrix.com

10) Ariel

This pretty kitchen comes with lava teak with matt aluminum edges and a white laminate countertop. You would love working here and could make many memories.

Wood kitchen design ideas in white and dark gray kitchen
Source : homedesignlover.com

11) Dark Wood Moment

Do you have a penchant for a natural grain look but prefer a darker shade? If the answer is in the affirmative, this is your ideal choice. The high contrast of the countertops and walls against the cabinets is all that you would wish for. The unique hanging lighting is also a welcome addition.

Wood kitchen design ideas with dark and light accents with hanging lighting and shelf
Source : hearstapps.com


12) L-shaped large kitchen

This large l-shaped kitchen will require some warm elements to lower its brightness. And in this situation, the wood finish would be great! The effect is accentuated with a strip of track lights! Lighting is always a great thing to incorporate with wood kitchen design ideas.

Wood kitchen design ideas in L shaped kitchen with track lighting
Source : livmatrix.com

13) Meg

In this kitchen, conifers are used to give this classic touch! Larch is used for the base unit door and it contains laminate shelves also. If you are looking for storage, this is a good way to go. The shelves and cabinets give a lot of options.


Wood kitchen design ideas in white with light wood tones and shelving
Source : homedesignlover.com

14) Shiplap Board

You want to build your wood kitchen. But for that, you need not start from the ground up. Just stock up on shiplap and craft these to outfit the walls of your kitchen.

Wood kitchen design ideas with shiplap background and large white lights
Source : hearstapps.com

15) Wood on White

The kitchen space can be enriched with wooden finishes. You can use a white backsplash to bring in some amount of contrast.

Wood kitchen design ideas with white and dark contrast
Source : livmatrix.com

16) Yara

Use Teak and you will know why its demand is shooting up! This kitchen decor is a true work of beauty! The lighting used on the shelving really brightens things up as well.

Wood kitchen design ideas with backlit shelving and black flooring
Source : homedesignlover.com


17) Surf Shack Kitchen Island of the ‘70s

This white and wooden kitchen will give you a retro feel of the ‘70s. It is due to the combination of blunt lines with the gorgeous refrigerator sitting in the corner. Wood kitchen design ideas like these should not be forgotten.

Kitchen island 70s surf shack with retro refrigerator
Source : hearstapps.com

18) Combine open and closed cabinets

In case you use wood for your kitchen decor, some may prefer a combination of closed and open cabinets. It will give a light feel and will make accessing essentials easy. Any added storage space in a kitchen is a bonus.

Wood kitchen with medium tones and shelving with hanging utensils
Source : livmatrix.com

19) Elle

In this decor idea, you use oak and make your kitchen look heavenly! Well, nothing can beat oak, right? The hanging strip for the utensils is also a great idea to keep the horizontal lines going in the room.

Dark tone wood kitchen with hanging lighting and utensils
Source : homedesignlover.com

20) Extendable Island

This wooden island is sure to become the most favorite part of your kitchen. It consists of drawers for storage and the extendable table may be pulled out when guests drop in and can be pushed in when not in use.

Kitchen island in white kitchen with plenty of storage and wood flooring
Source : hearstapps.com

21) Innovation

You would love this innovation! It is a straight kitchen which has been made more endearing with an extended breakfast table. This small trick will optimize the utilization of space! The wood on the ceiling really ties things together. Wood kitchen design ideas with wood on the ceiling are more rare, but still look great.

Light wood accent kitchen with breakfast table and wood accent ceiling
Source : livmatrix.com

22) Frida

This style is made stunning with the use of lovely white and modern materials for the island. This is a good example of how to use lighter colored woods in a kitchen.

White kitchen with decor and light tones with shelving
Source : homedesignlover.com

23) Intriguing Design

Just because it is wood, it need not be dark. You can go for American walnut or Acacia to lighten the visual effect. Just to make it more intriguing, add a backsplash with Moroccan prints!

Wood cabinets in kitchen with unique backsplash and black countertops
Source : livmatrix.com

24) Kalea

This classy kitchen gets all its style from the cognac rough oak doors and stainless steel adds the modern touch! Don’t forget to notice all the quality storage space available.

Large kitchen island with storage with metal accents and wood accents
Source : homedesignlover.com

25) Glass Shutters

If you love wooden kitchens, you can do a bit of experimenting with various shutter finishes and other contrasts to find the exact balance. Here, the glass shutter makes all the difference!

Kitchen design with wood and white classic backsplash with natural lighting
Source : livmatrix.com

26) Kora

This kitchen is made from simple old American oak with laminates and you can see the wonder!

Kitchen with wood design and lighter gray tones
Source : homedesignlover.com

27) Colors and Hues

Your kitchen may need just that pop of color to make it warm and welcoming! Add yellow to increase the style quotient! It will end the monotony!

Kitchen with wood accents with yellow accents and gray walls with white floor
Source : livmatrix.com

28) Laguna

This creamy-looking kitchen is a real beauty! The backsplash and wood accents make this a natural but unique look.

Kitchen with cream colored cabinets and light blue backsplash and wood accents
Source : homedesignlover.com

29) Adding the Lights

Kitchens styled similarly can be made to look different from the effect of natural lights! The play of light and shadow can make all the difference. Have a look!

Kitchen with wood cabinets and purple tones with gray accents
Source : livmatrix.com

30) Alexa

This is amongst the best sellers and is an oak kitchen. The black accents, metal and wood, all bring together things nicely.

Kitchen with glass shelves with metal accents and black tones
Source : homedesignlover.com

31) Bright decor

Wood finish need not be dark. Pair with light colors and a neutral tile backsplash and it’s almost done. Just paint the walls grey, dark blue or black to maximize the effect.

Cabinets in kitchen with large window and gray walls with black dining table
Source : livmatrix.com

32) Aloha

The simple yet functional look of this kitchen will give you a homely feel. The darker floors match well the darker tones on the chairs and make the wood stand out more.

Kitchen with medium colored cabinets white walls and dark flooring
Source : homedesignlover.com

33) Class Personified

This is a fantastic mix of dark wood finish shutters with white marble finish backsplash. Make your kitchen classy!

Cabinets with white marble backsplash and metal vent hood
Source : livmatrix.com

34) Idea

This wonderful kitchen is formed with matte cherry wood. Though simple, it does look dazzling!

Cherry wood kitchen with medium tones and sliding glass doors
Source : homedesignlover.com

35) Moroccan edge

Wooden cabinets need a bit of experimenting with the backsplash. You may go for Moroccan tiles to make it interesting! You can add loft cabinets, but these should not be an eyesore!

Cabinets with Moroccan theme and other decor
Source : livmatrix.com

36) Kube

Made with elmwood and ice white high gloss lacquer, this kitchen is unique. The contrast of material on the walls and kitchen gives it a certain edge!

Kitchen design with light floors and white walls and metal appliances
Source : homedesignlover.com

37) Open Shelves

Do away with cabinets and rather go for open shelves. It will give your kitchen more breathing space and will make it look bright and fresh! Make your kitchen breezy!

Kitchen design with open shelves and gray brick backsplash
Source : livmatrix.com

38) Milly

This is a modern kitchen design with a matching fireplace to make it look stunningly beautiful!

Gray toned kitchen with living area in gray and white
Source :homedesignlover.com

39) Contrast the Finish

Whenever you think of contrast, it doesn’t have to just be by color. You can contrast between matte and gloss. Here the mahogany laminate finish is paired with a frosty white acrylic finish!

Wooden flooring in kitchen with white and gray tones with large window
Source : livmatrix.com

40) Sintesi

For this kitchen, the countertop is made of thick Corian while Nordic wood has been used for the cabinets and is quite a sight to behold!

Mostly gray wood kitchen design with large window above cabinets
Source : homedesignlover.com




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