10 Tips For Small Kitchen Storage: Save More Space

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In this new age of small houses and living spaces, the two sections that suffer most are the bathroom and the kitchen. And while the bathroom is somewhat easier to deal with – the kitchen can be a big problem! There is so much stuff that must go into your kitchen, and you still need to have workspace as well as space to move around. So how does one work their way around this problem? Well, these 10 tips for small kitchen storage may be just the thing you need!

Tips for small kitchen storage with peg board and pots and pans
Photo Credit : apartmenttherapy.com

#1: You may have some space in the cabinet, but not enough by far. In that case, use your cabinets to store either food or utensils without handles. As for all utensils that have handles, get a pegboard and mount it on a wall. Then hang stuff on it!

Plastic baskets for small kitchen storage in pantry
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#2: Another idea is to invest in some kitchen baskets that are durable. When needed you can store your stuff and stash them wherever you have place, under the counter, over the cabinets, etc. Otherwise they can always be stacked together when not in use.

Stackable shelves for small kitchen storage
Photo Credit : kitchenimagine.com

#3:Cabinets will usually have a lot of headroom, which otherwise just goes wasted. Instead install stackable shelves inside to make the most of all the available space. Space saving is really the key to tips for small kitchen storage.

Plastic file holders as small kitchen storage on back of door
Photo Credit : pinterest.com

#4: Plastic file holders can be attached to walls or the inside of cabinet doors – and you can store narrow things here. A good idea is to keep rolls of foil, cling wrap, napkins, etc. here.

Trash bag roll dispensers for better kitchen storage
Photo Credit : thekitchn.com

#5: Install 2 different trash bag roll dispensers inside the under-sink cabinet. You will search for them there so this is convenient, and you also save space in other drawers or cabinets where you’d otherwise be storing the garbage bags!

Custom made bar as small kitchen storage in blue
Photo Credit : scottjameshubbard.com

#6: Get a custom made bar height table and install in it your kitchen. This will serve a number of purposes. As you see here, it can double up as additional storage space. Normally, you could use the top as extra kitchen space. And when you have a small group of friends over, you can always just eat in the kitchen!

Hooks and pot rails for small kitchen storage glasses and utensils
Photo Credit : .directkitchenremodeling.com

#7: Hooks or pot rails can be your best friend. They allow you to store in a linear fashion, along the wall, thus saving you a lot of cabinet space. Also, these are a great way to let your utensils and glasses, air dry!

Cabinet door baking supplies for small kitchen storage
Photo Credit : pinterest.com

#8: The cabinet doors are actually quite a bit of handy space getting wasted. Installing small racks or even hooks here can help you to utilize this space with ease. One good idea is to hang oft used baking supplies here! You can also make it interesting and easier to follow by marking each item with what it’s used for!

Strip magnet in kitchen for knives and utensils
Photo Credit : apartmentgeeks.net

#9: Another great way to save some space and add an interesting touch to your kitchen, is to give the knife block a miss. Instead have a strip of magnet installed along one wall. Use this to hold the knives in place. You can also use it for other small cutlery items of everyday use as well! This is one of the more creative tips for small kitchen storage.

Magnetic spice holders in kitchen with wood accents
Photo Credit : pinterest.com

#10: And a final idea you can always check out is magnetic spice holders. You get to see the spices easily and they stay easily accessible, plus you save cabinet space! And when you need to cook you can actually get the ones you need and temporarily keep them on the range hood!

Your kitchen may be small, but there is no reason to think that it is inadequate. In fact, as you can see with these 10 tips for small kitchen storage, all you need is some inspiration, a bit of ingenuity and some good DIY and you too can make your kitchen space stretch out!

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