10 Small Apartment Kitchen Storage Ideas To Suit Any Budget

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Is your kitchen bursting at the seams? When your cooking space has a topsy-turvy feel, finding small apartment kitchen storage ideas will help greatly in fixing the clutter. Storage has always been a problem in apartment kitchens. With only a sliver of kitchen space to make your meals– and sometimes, dine in, these tips below will help maximize the functionality of your space.


Small Apartment Kitchen Storage Ideas with racks
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1. Tiered Cabinet Shelves. Kitchen cabinets or pantries often have unused vertical space. Instead of the tedious way of adding more shelves to the cabinet or pantry, buying stackable or tiered shelves like the one from DecoBros, will help organize those canned goods, herbs and spice canisters, tea baskets, dinnerware, and so on. It also allows you to easily see what’s available and what’s not in your pantry.

Tiered Cabinet Shelves for storage on kitchen counter

2. Above-Cabinet Open Shelves. Make good use of available space on top of your cabinets. This area is usually reserved for potted plants and other decorative items to add more drama to a kitchen. To make it more functional, simply add wicker or stainless steel baskets filled with kitchen goodies. Here’s a cool example from Elsie Larson’s A Beautiful Mess kitchen renovation project. This is one of small apartment kitchen storage ideas, that not many people think of.


Above Cabinet Open Shelves in white kitchen
Source : abeautifulmess.com

3. Under-The-Shelf Baskets. Going back to unused vertical space on cabinets and in the pantry, adding under-the-shelf baskets is also a wise buy. For a few dollars worth, these hanging baskets easily latch on the shelf above it. You can stock canned foods, kitchen utensils, tea cups and saucers, herbs and spices, and so on. Its main purpose– maximize and organize your cupboard’s storage space.

Under The Shelf Baskets for kitchen storage in pantry

4. Rolling Island. Want more counter space that that doesn’t get in your way? A rolling kitchen island that also doubles as a storage cabinet will make a lot of difference in maximizing your apartment’s space. This Giantex Bamboo Rolling Kitchen Island allows you to have a dedicated space for food preparation while adding ample space for storage. Drawers can hold everyday small kitchen items while shelves can store appliances and utensils. Casters can also be unlocked so you can roll it away and tuck somewhere when an open space is needed. Add a portable bar stool and it can also be converted into a dining table or a mini-bar for weekend fun. Small apartment kitchen storage ideas like this one, add a lot of versatility to your kitchen also with breakfast bar ideas for small kitchens.

Giantex Rolling Kitchen Trolley Storage for kitchen

5. Stackable Bins. Visit your local dollar store or get one from Amazon. Stackable bins allow you to corral food items and small kitchen utensils in an uncluttered manner. When buying go for a brand that also allows you to stack them inside a fridge.

Stackable Bins pack of 6 for storage in kitchen

6. Wall Mounted Shelves. Install a multi-purpose shelf organizer on your kitchen wall. This space-saving and decorative item can hold cookware and utensils, baking stuff, pans and pots, canned goods, wine, an indoor spice garden, and so on. This Kitchen Wall Pot Rack from Sorbus come with hooks to help organize pots, pans and other most-used kitchen tools making them easier to reach when needed.

Sorbus Kitchen Wall Rack Hooks for kitchen storage

7. Over-The-Cabinet Organizer. Keep that cutting board or your flat rectangular baking tins out of sight yet, within arm’s reach when you need them. An over-the-cabinet organizer can be snapped into a cabinet’s corner, away from prying eyes. This Neat-O Over the Cabinet Organizer Holder, for instance, can be easily snapped into your kitchen cabinet or the side of a sink with its detachable hanging hook. Basket can be filled with everyday kitchen items for ease of access.

Neat Cabinet Cutting Bakeware Organizer for kitchen storage

8. Corner Shelves. Make good use of unassuming corners in your kitchen. This available space is often a blessing to apartment dwellers who have to make do with their limited cooking area. Now, you can maximize every square inch of your kitchen space by installing corner shelves so you can store more small kitchen items. You can show your DIY chops or simply buy ready-to-attach pieces on these spatial gaps to make them fully functional.


Corner Shelves above sink in white kitchen
Source : countryliving.com

9. Peg Board. Make good use of an available wall space by attaching a peg board to it. Heavy Duty Pegboard from Amazon features two 16” x 32” 20-gauge steel panels which can be installed side by side or separately. Round pegs can be easily attached to the holes in it to hold kitchen appliances, pots and pans, ladles, and so on. A magnetic strip may also be attached to it so you can store knives with ease.

Heavy Duty Pegboard Round Hole Only Galvanized Steel Metal Peg Board Set

10. Pot Rail, Hanging Baskets, Rods and Hooks — And Magnetic Strip. Other notable ideas in maximizing limited storage in your small apartment kitchen is by installing a pot rail or a steel rod just right below an over-the-sink cupboard or on the sink’s elevated space. Here, you can install hooks to hold hanging baskets, cookware, mugs and so on– all to free counter space from clutter. A magnetic strip may also be added to help store knives and spice canisters, too.


Small apartment kitchen storage ideas with baskets and pots

Without a doubt, living in an apartment or an urban high rise can be quite challenging in the kitchen space perspective. You can take advantage of available vertical space and other unassuming areas to add more storage options to your kitchen though. These small apartment kitchen storage ideas are but the tip of the iceberg, but these sure can help keep clutter at a bare minimum and prevent your cooking-dining space from bursting at the seams.



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