10 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas: Your Kitchen From Drab To Fab

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Just as food plays a very important role in any family, the kitchen is also a space for community. Often, the kitchen is the place where the family comes together. If it does extend into the dining space, then you also have guests and friends frequently coming in to this area. And that means the look of your kitchen is important! So – when you have a blank and unoccupied wall in the kitchen – this is your chance to add character to the room! To help you with that, we have brought you a handful of kitchen wall decor ideas.

So – let’s take a look…

Black and white geometric pattern in kitchen wall decor ideas
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#1: You can try a monochrome theme – go with a geometrical pattern in black over white tiled walls. And you can even extend a few of the horizontal lines into shelves.

Vintage pastel kitchen wall decor ideas with wood floors
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#2: You can also try painting the walls in a light shade of pastel like blue, yellow or pink. Thereafter, just use the same color, just one shade darker on the cabinets in the kitchen. You’ll have a very lived in old world feel. Wall painting is one of a number of kitchen wall decor ideas that is a great way to change the design of your space.

Wall shelf unit using kitchen wall decor ideas in white kitchen
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#3: For those with not too many storage units, and therefore not enough space, a blank wall can actually house a large shelf. Get a box sort of shelf with multiple racks. You could also paint it in fun colors, even use different patterns on the insides, to make the shelf come to life!

Gray modern kitchen ideas with artwork, island and other decor
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#4: While colors look good in a kitchen, nothing spells out elegance quite like warm, but understated shades like ivory, gray or cream. Do up your whole kitchen in these shades, and maybe hang a picture to bring some color to the blank wall. You can always improve kitchen wall decor ideas with a little more color.

Artwork as kitchen wall decor in modern white kitchen
Photo Credit : kitchenideas.biz

#5: If you like modern decorations, then stick to white walls, and choose an accent color like steel or shiny red or black. Use this color for your furniture, and maybe you can install a small 2 person table with chairs along the empty wall. Of course this only works so long as there are just 2 people in the house.

Utensils hung on wall as kitchen decor ideas in white kitchen
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#6: You could also use this wall for storage, minus any shelves. Just install some good looking and strategically placed hooks. Then you can hang your pots, pans, utensils and other things here as well! They’ll look good across the wall, and they’ll also be stored right!

Wall shelves as kitchen wall decor ideas for herbs
Photo Credit : walldecoration.org

#7: Another option is to install wall shelves in a line from top to bottom – maybe 3 or 4 in a row. These can serve to store specific things. Shelves can lead to other kitchen wall decor ideas as well, such as other ideas for spices.

Hook hanging items
Photo Credit : crafthubs.com

#8: Another quirky idea is to put up hooks at regular intervals and hang your various (good looking, mind you!) big round baking molds on these. They look really nice! You could also try the same with other things.

Micro herbs garden with mason jars
Photo Credit : inhabitat.com

#9: Just because it’s a kitchen doesn’t mean that it cannot have plants. In fact, if the wall in question gets a lot of direct sunlight, you can actually install some small hanging planters, and keep your kitchen micro herbs garden in these! Kitchen wall decor ideas can always involve greenery.

Food themed framed photo wall
Photo Credit : inspirationluv.com

#10: Finally, this is an idea that can easily come out of the living room and bedroom and come to the kitchen – conceptualize and put together a photo wall! And you know what’s better than a photo wall in the kitchen? A food themed photo wall in the kitchen!

So there you have 10 very different and thought provoking kitchen wall decor ideas. Now all you need to do is get on with the planning. And once you do – you are all set to give your kitchen the character it deserves!


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