10 Above Cabinet Kitchen Decor Ideas To Add Oomph To Your Space

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Do cobwebs or dust accumulate on the gap between your kitchen ceiling and cabinets? Above cabinet kitchen decor ideas are aplenty for homeowners to pursue and they don’t need pricey interior decorators to do that for them. There are actually stylish ways to address that awkward space and allow your kitchen space to a gain new perspective; as well as heights. To ensure that the the bulkhead above those sturdy cabinets don’t turn into a wasteland, here are some useful decorating ideas to emulate.

1. Give the room a visual boost by layering silver stuff or ceramics. A tabletop collection is one great way of converting that bulkhead space, without spending money buying new decorative elements. Simply get your priced China or Eastern vases off those closed-off cabinet drawers and highlight them on top and voila!

Above Cabinet Kitchen Decor Ideas in all white kitchen
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2. Go vintage

Why not go vintage with decorative serving platters and plates? Fill the gap between the ceiling and your kitchen cabinet with an antique collection like teapots, vases, mason jars, dishes, candelabras, cookie jars, and so on. Go for a huge platter as centerpiece or anything that will complement the height and artistry of the overall kitchen tapestry.


Vintage serving plates above kitchen cabinets
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3. Wine lovers unite! You don’t really have to buy a wine holder or make an entirely new shelf for storage. Simply make good use of your DIY carpentry skills by creating your own wine storage on top of the cabinet using leftover wood. This is one way to add wine storage without costing an arm or leg. Also, because one can never have too much wine. Cheers!

Wine racks above kitchen cabinets
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4. Got something big from a recent jaunt abroad then, make it dominate the bulkhead above a kitchen cabinet. Take this large rattan server on top of a vintage standalone cupboard. Big and bulky, it allows it to be viewed clearly, even at a distance. Its utter simplicity adds a sense of cohesiveness to the overall kitchen decorative style; while extending visual height to the space.


Large basket on top of kitchen cabinets
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5. There’s always room for those lovely blooms from your pocket garden in your kitchen. Instead of simply placing a bouquet on your countertop, make a garland and place it on the space above your kitchen cabinet. Or if you have no time to change it every 3 days or so, go the paper garland route. There are plenty of online tutorials on how to make one. Above cabinet kitchen decor ideas like this one, really add color to a space.

pocket garden in your kitchen above cabinets
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6. Another way of turning ho-hum kitchen cabinets into a statement-making piece, is to add lush greenery. Whether real or faux, green potted plants will add a sense of vibrancy to a seemingly dreary kitchen. Though a little pesky, going for real plants will also help improve air quality in your kitchen space, making cooking and dining a healthier time.

Plants in pots above kitchen cabinets
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7. Make it a semi-gallery loft for your art collection. You don’t have to be a fine artist to showcase a collection of your children’s treasured school pieces. If you are also into cross-stitching, you can frame and showcase the fruit of your months of labor in this diminutive space. This is one of the great above cabinet kitchen decor ideas, to preserve memories.

Art gallery above cabinets in blue kitchen
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8. Chalkboards are all the rage these days. You can actually use it as another clever above cabinet kitchen decor ideas. Let this black canvas hold important family events for the month or menu selection for the week. This is even made more clever for household chore assignment announcements.

chalkboard above cabinet kitchen decor ideas
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9. Make it an additional storage space by placing baskets on top. Go for something simple and complementary to the current set-up. Wicker baskets can hold extra kitchen utensils, cutlery, table napkins and so on.


Baskets on top of kitchen cabinets in white kitchen
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10. Not sure what to put into this extra space? Mix and match your favorite items to create a whimsical display of your hidden treasures collected over the years from colorful glass bottles to Ming vases, wine glasses, handpainted ceramics, silverware, miniature statues, milk jugs and so on.

Knick knacks in extra space above cabinets
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It’s too late to curse your home’s architect or the carpenter of your cabinetry or your pet cat who takes the space as its territory. With these above kitchen decor ideas, you can finally turn the bulkhead space above those cabinets from wasteland to la-la-land. By adding character and flair to your above cabinet space, you can finally give your overall kitchen space a more personal and interesting look.


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