Zen Inspired Interior Design Ideas For Urbanites

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City-living attracts many people because of the wide expanse of opportunities it brings. This makes thousands of families and individuals alike, flock to condominiums or apartments, built within the stressful and fast-paced ambiance of the city. The result, many of them tend to lead toxic lives. Each day tends to make them scream for the guttural need to get away from it all. If one wants to find serenity and relaxation in his or her city abode, however, starting-off with these Zen inspired interior design ideas will be of great help.

Zen inspired interior design ideas in white and wood

1. Paint your walls with earthly colors. Relaxed and carefree are the guiding elements of a Zen-inspired interior and using soft natural colors always soothes the soul. Think of an all-white interior or shades of grey, soft pink or beige. Mint green also gives a sense of utmost serenity. Feel free to combine matching colors or use a favorite color degraded into a softer tone.

2. To complement interior paint choice, using soft and natural lighting also makes sense. Let go of harsh lights and choose calming or nature-inspired or diffused lights. Candles, especially scented ones, can truly relax the mind and body. Control your lighting source’s intensity, too. A dimmer will also be a wise investment.

Zen furniture dining room table and chairs in white
3. Zen-inspired furniture is always simple with clear lines. Complicated details and excessive ornamentation must be avoided at all times. Choose natural materials like wood, rattan, or bamboo. Storage pieces such as chests, closets, armoire, and cupboards can easily bring a sense of relaxation when painted complementarily with the rest of the interior. Fabrics to accentuate furniture and interior must also be light, natural and comfortable. Zen inspired interior design ideas that include furniture are always at the top of most designers lists.

4. Put efforts on creating comfort for your feet. Choose colors that complement walls and ceiling such as moleskin, grey, or khaki. Wooded flooring and refined parquet are also popular choices. So are floors with resin finishing. Of course, carpets made of wool or cotton (though high in maintenance cost) can also deliver utmost tranquility.

Zen home decor with wooden floor and white furniture
5. Decor must be kept minimal. Simplicity is the key to a Zen inspired interior design, and it should flow from walls, to floor, to furniture, to ornamentation. Instead, enhance rooms with green plants and natural scents. Choose candles and earthen stuff like stones, sands or pebbles. Asian fusion accessories are also great additions to your design scheme.

6. Green non-flowering plants are often present in many Zen inspired homes. The green color has always been known to deliver a calming and soothing effect to the eyes. Plants, too, are known to improve indoor air quality. Try to hang terrariums or go for bonsai or cactus plants.

7. De-clutter your home. Remove the unnecessary stuff and allow only items that are needed. Clutter always snaps away one’s sense of relaxation. Look for things that make you feel at ease and cozy. If possible, remove electronic disturbances or hide them from plain view. A television set or those awful strings of wires and cables, for instance, should be hidden.

Zen Inspired Interior with dining room and white and brown furniture
Living in the city doesn’t really have to be all clammy and erratic. Let these Zen inspired interior design ideas make your home feel like a retreat. All in all, always remember the “less is more” concept of relaxation to truly make it a serene place to go home to, day after day.



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