Top 7 Farmhouse Light Fixtures On Amazon Under $150

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Do you want a home that’s elegant yet comfortable? Farmhouse decorating style is known for a sense of elegance that soothes old souls. Its utmost simplicity and organic vibe, opens a whole new world of excitement in terms of decorating schemes. Regardless of your surroundings or space, there is always a way for you to embrace this rustic style with much aplomb. To get you started, here are some farmhouse light fixtures on Amazon under $150, that can effortlessly tweak your current design.


Farmhouse light fixtures on Amazon under $150 rustic white and wood kitchen
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1. The Rule of Thirds. Don’t just go for pairs, make your farmhouse lighting fixture of choice come in threes. These vintage style Edison wire cage chandeliers, ensconced above the dining area add a more vintage-y look to the whole set-up. This provides a breathe of fresh air, vis-a-vis eclectic repurposed chairs in teal, black, and white duly complemented by those nostalgic cutouts hanging on the wall. This light is oil rubbed and in a bronze finish, making it a perfect complement to any kitchen, dining or living room design style.

Truelite Industrial 3-Light Dining Room Pendant Rustic Oil rubbed Bronze farmhouse design

Axiland TrueLite Industrial 3-Light Dining Room Rustic Pendant


2. Partners in Style. Add more oomph to a monochromatic kitchen or dining area with this Chicken Wire Dome Pendant Light. Instead of just one, add two of these daring lights into your space to give it a sense of an old barnyard look with an industrial vibe. Aside from splashing a dramatic statement, installing two will also ensure topnotch illumination to open up the whole space.

Colonial Tin Works Chicken Wire Dome Pendant Light farmhouse design

Colonial Tin Works Chicken Wire Dome Pendant Light


3. Go magically rustic. Fashioned after the 1930s, this Globe Electric 3-Light Vintage Pendant farmhouse lighting fixture is truly a keeper. It does not only deliver needed lumens to light up the whole space, it also recreate a vintage industrial look that’s unique and inspiring. You can hang this on a kitchen island or a dining area ceiling. With a 45-inch flexible hanging rod, you can easily customize it to fit your desired height. Lights can also be dimmed to set desired ambiance or mood. Farmhouse light fixtures on Amazon under $150 that change your lighting in the room, are always a popular option.


Globe Electric 3 Light Vintage Pendant in farmhouse dining room

Globe Electric 3-Light Vintage Pendant


4. Glorify your bathroom sink in vintage farmhouse fashion. This Westinghouse Iron Hill 3-Light Indoor Wall Fixture can highlight a mirror and add more lumens to a seemingly small bathroom. Made in a 1940s old barnyard oil-rubbed bronze finish, complemented with highlights and metal shades, this can also be used as task light in the kitchen or work room or to simply create a timeless appeal to any space in your home. Farmhouse light fixtures on Amazon under $150 like this one are a great option for the bathroom.


Westinghouse Iron Hill three Light Indoor Wall Fixture farmhouse lights in bathroom

Westinghouse Iron Hill 3-Light Indoor Wall Fixture


5. Add drama to a room with rustic precision. This flower-like Unitary Black Vintage Barn Ceiling Light, is designed to impress. Rustic yet elegant and timeless, it breathes new life into airy rooms particularly when complemented with a wood-paneled design or an all-white wall to ceiling paint job. Truly, this farmhouse inspired lighting fixture can make a room more intimate and inviting.

Unitary Black Vintage Barn Ceiling Light as farmhouse fixture

Unitary Black Vintage Barn Ceiling Light


6. Shoo away shadowy corners by installing soft and elegant farmhouse lighting. This Design House Mason Indoor/Outdoor Wall Light, adds a subtle yet caring note of farmhouse style and can be tucked in a corner; right above where anyone reads books or drinks tea, along with some deep thinking. It can also be used as a patio light.


Design House Mason Indoor Outdoor Wall Light for farmhouse

Design House Mason Indoor/Outdoor Wall Light


7. Globe lighting fixture always create an elegant statement. With candelabras ensconced inside this farmhouse lighting, you can instantly communicate a vintage flair without any hitch. Instead of one, install two of these globe chandelier with candelabra bulbs to set the mood everytime you sit down to eat.


Industrial Vintage Retro LOFT style wrought iron Metal Globe as farmhouse light fixture

Without a doubt, the aforementioned farmhouse light fixtures on Amazon under $150 play an important role in setting the overall tone of a particular space in your home. Minimal and rustic yet cozy and charming, these seemingly simplistic elements can help highlight the whole space. If you may, there are also DIY guides for you to imbibe the same style as the above items, to shape the look of a particular room.



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