Stylish Ideas For Displaying Photos On Wall

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Don’t we all love to bask in nostalgic mementos where love is centered around the family? Remember the scenes of little children, now having their own lives to lead, still frolicking in the yard? Of weddings, proms and special occasions? All these captured at the click of a camera and showcased in your own home. When thinking of creating a stylish decorative element out of your family’s happy moments, these stylish ideas for displaying photos on wall are sure winners.

Ideas for displaying photos on wall

Wall of Photos. What better way to showcase all those wonder-rific memories for everyone to see, than by filling a full wall with framed photos. Turn any barren space into a gallery of memories showcasing many of the awesome moments family members shared. You can choose matching frames like the classic Gallery Perfect 9 Piece Black Square Photo Frame below or go with eclectic design by mixing and matching different textures and sizes. Or you may want to unleash your creativity with some spray paint!

Gallery Perfect 9 Piece Black Square Photo Frame Gallery Wall Kit with Decorative Art Prints & Hanging Template

Collage of Memories. Got too many travel memories to share? For jetsetting homeowners, the best way to do it, is to create a large canvas as a frame for all your travel photos. Fill an accent wall with floor-to-ceiling photo collage to make it look like a gigantic piece of negative. Creative and stylish, it can effortlessly add more dramatic flair to any living area or foyer. A collage is one of the ideas for displaying photos on wall that is a good one for beginners.

Picture collage in living room black frame

Perfect Balance. Decorate a kitchen or workspace wall by effectively alternating B&W photos with colored ones. The idea is to choose photos that contrast in a harmonious manner and have them printed with the exact same dimensions and shape. When arranged together, they can create an interesting symmetrical display. Look for a space with ample natural light to make it more effective. Here’s a great idea from WorkInProgress Kits.

Photo collage on wall in dining room black and white and colored pictures

Wall Clock. Stickler for schedule? Why not make your picturesque wall of fame more functional by adding a clock to the mix. Simply designate a space in your living area or in the dining area for open floor spaces and add this Reliable_E Wall Sticker – Photo Frame -3D Wall Clock combo. Easy to install and patched to the wall, photos can also be changed whenever you feel like it. The 3D effect will also make the clock stand out. Great eye-catching design! When it comes to ideas for displaying photos on wall, you can’t get more attention grabbing than this.

Reliable_E Inspirational Quotes Wall Sticker Photo Frame DIY 3D Wall Clock for Home Decor in black

Blow It Up. We all see it in celebrity homes, so why not do it on our own? Make a fun design with a blown up photo that showcases the happiest memory of your family. It could be a wedding, of grandchildren frolicking in the rain, an unforgettable getaway, or any statement photo that will give others a glimpse into what you treasure the most. How’s that for a piece of wall art?

Vintage ideas for displaying photos on wall

Of course – antique! Love anything vintage or classic? Then, use antique frames to showcase photos that present your life’s sense of history. You can make do with a gold or bronze spray paint to make your own or simply add this MCS 9pc Frame Set (Bronze Finish) into your online cart to start dawdling on your wall. Feel free to choose from other designs HERE.

MCS 9pc Frame Set with Usable Artwork, Bronze Finish (49983)

Photo Hang-Over. Why not hang them up? You can make do with rope, yarn or metal wire with photos held by a set of wooden clothes pin for that old-school charm. If you want something whimsical, this 50 Photo Clips String Lights/Holder can add a sense of romance to your wall art hanging photo design.

MZD8391 50 Photo Clips String Lights/Holder

It’s high time to channel your inner designer with these stylish ideas for displaying photos on wall. There’s just so much that can be done to showcase happy mementos to spruce up your home’s ambiance at the same time. Definitely, the oohs and ahhs will melt the heart away when the photo display is done just right.


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