Stress Free Home Office Decorating Ideas

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Whether you work freelance or do regular field assignments, you will need a dedicated space for work at home. Many people spend the majority of their waking time, working. Even the most conscientious of workers often, bring reports and presentations back, to be done in the comforts of their home. With this, it is only fitting to create a work space that’s not only comfortable and inviting, but also one that exudes productivity, creativity, and stress-free ambiance. When thinking of doing just that, here are some stress-free home office decorating ideas to get you started.

Home office decorating ideas

1. Find a space with a view. Do not go the usual on-the-corner or up-in-the-loft route, which leaves nothing but a blank wall. Welcome the sunshine or the moonlight, the pitter-patter of rainfall or the gentle sway of snowflakes by setting a desk and a chair in front of a window. Place a vertical bookcase on one side and a computer nook on the other corner. Keep your furniture choices in sync with the rest of the room for that seamless look.

2. Personalize your space. Even when in a bedroom, an attic, a garage or well-within your living area, personalizing a home office space with your own art preference, photos, posters, and the like, will give it an impression of your own taste. Do remember to still keep things in sync with the rest of the decor.

Blue and pink home office for two

3. Divide strategically. When you and your partner both require a home office and there’s not enough space to spare, why not create a side by side work space? Simply differentiate your work space with a wise use of color schemes. Make use of same furniture style though to infuse consistency.

4. Energize your space. Arrange a creative and productive work space by using vibrant colors like yellow, red or orange. Blue and green or a combination of both will also help rejuvenate a dreary space. For neutral colors, adding bright accents can deliver a more upbeat work space.

wooden work desk with yellow room accents

5. Create a focal point. It is important to signify a desk as a focal point when it comes to a stress-free home office decorating idea. Go for something that is both functional and clutter-free. Go for wood or one with plenty of storage nooks to carry other essentials while providing a clutter-free top. You may convert an old but enchanting armoire. Then, accentuate with an ergonomic chair for health and safety.

6. Remember: wise storage. Your home office must be organized with plenty of room for storage. Create dedicated areas for books, report files, reference manuals, magazines, and other paperwork elements. When short on space, build up a seemingly bare wall with floating shelves. Home office decorating ideas that involve storage should always be a top choice.

Home office desk with artsy accents and flowers

7. Accessorize creatively. Add color and flair to your space by adding artsy accents. Unleash your DIY prowess in creating report trays, journals, pencil cups and other knick-knacks. Hang artwork or other words of inspiration.

8. Light it up. Don’t forget to fill your space with natural lighting. This is part of the reason why it’s important to place a work desk closer, if not in front, of a window. Simply put, you will need lighting to work. Lighting also sets the tone of the entire work space. To make it more functional and effective though, it is imperative to add a lamp. Choose one that blends amazingly to your overall decorative space. Home office decorating ideas that include a light source are needed for anyone who will be working at night.

White home office desk with bronze lamp

9. Add life to your workspace. Hang an orchid or perhaps, place a potted plant on top of your desk. Plants add a sense of vivaciousness while improving air quality. Do remember to read labels when buying one. Some plants have specific requirements and make sure to pick one that’s easy to maintain.

10. Don’t forget music. For a stress-free work environment to work, adding music elements that doubles as decor, also works wonders. Choose Bluetooth speakers which you can easily sync with your smartphone.

White and wood table and shelf

You don’t really need a spare room to set up a work space at home. A spare corner can be easily transformed into something creative and productive with the right home office decorating ideas. The key is to keep a few key pieces like a desk, a chair, shelves and a few accents—and to ensure that color palette, texture, furniture finish, design, style, and other decorative elements, perfectly mesh with one another.


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