Squeeze Some Style With These Small Hallway Interior Design Ideas

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Hallways often go expressionless in most homes. As the room that either greets you upon entering a home or one that connects a certain space with another, a hallway should be dressed up with practicality and homey welcome in mind. This gives guests a proper welcome, as well as in creating first impressions to guests as they walk into your home. But while a large foyer can be easily spruced up, these small hallway interior design ideas can also rock your own personal style.

Small Hallway Interior Design with mirror thin table and plant
1. Add a splash of magic to a small hall by using light-hued paint. Light colors brighten and widen seemingly narrow spaces allowing them to exude a sense of airiness and also adds a welcoming effect. Make sure to carry a bolder or lighter shade of the same paint color from your hallway into an adjacent room to create a cohesive effect. Vertical stripes can also help bring eyes up, giving an illusion of a larger space.

small hall ideas with pictures and green walls
2. Spruce up the whole space with bright lights. Illuminating a dark space makes it look larger and, in a way, cleaner. You can remove curtains if there’s a window on it or perhaps, place a frosted window film to welcome natural light while preserving privacy and giving the space a modern look. Pendant lights, spotlights, recessed can lights, and other decorative scones also provide creative visuals. A chandelier may also come in handy if the ceiling of the vestibule is high enough.

Black ceiling lights in small hall with white walls
3. Inject your artistic mindset into your small hallway interior design ideas by adding artwork. A wall-to-wall mural gives a sense of magical allure to a hallway that connects two areas in a home. A collage of framed photos may also be showcased to draw the eye into the wall area. If you have quite a collection of paintings then, by all means—convert it into a semi-gallery.

Artwork ideas in small hall with white walls
4. Make your foyer area standout without any embellishment whatsoever by making a statement with the doors connected to it. Some hallways are too narrow to accommodate items other than a fresh coat of paint. Draw out the eye instead by getting creative with the door surrounding the hall area to make the space breathe.

Colorful door in small hallway with green walls
5. No matter how narrow, a foyer area can always accommodate useful furniture. Place a narrow bench with hidden storage to keep shoes and umbrellas. A small or thin chest or console table may also take space as a means to collect keys, mail, and other knick-knacks from the outside. Feel free also to place a hanging coat rack. Complete the look by adding a touch of green or flowery sensation to the area. For hallways leading to the bathroom area, a vertical storage cabinet can be installed on its end to serve as a linen closet.

White narrow bench in hallway with hidden storage
6. Add excitement to a seemingly dreary small hall by changing the flooring. Add a touch of elegance by using different patterns or perhaps, enhancing the floor design using topnotch material. Laminated or polished floors are maintenance savvy. There are also various tile designs that can easily blend with the rest of the home’s interior lending your hallway a dapper look. This is one of the small hallway interior design ideas that can be implemented without too much trouble.

Blue flooring design in small hallway
7. Accessorize accordingly. Small hall interior design ideas often do not go complete without mirrors. Even with furniture and artwork already in place, you can never go wrong by adding a mirror to capture natural light and create an illusion of a bigger space. It also gives you a chance to do a final check on your hair or makeup before going out.

Small hallway mirror design ideas
There are 101 small hallway interior design ideas that anyone can think of. From adding furniture to mirrors, windows, paintings, sculptures, and creative lighting designs; designing a small hall must always carry three important concepts in mind—functionality, practicality and cohesiveness. Hallways, whether big or small, must easily match with the rest of the house as well as deliver a purpose to make the ideas count.


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