Small Hall Interior Design Ideas

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Looking for small hall interior design ideas? One of the most taken for granted areas in the house, a home’s hallway is often left to fend for itself in terms of style and design. Entrance halls, for instance, must be carefully arranged and designed though, as it reflects first impressions from visitors. But with such limited wiggle room, reaching out to experts in the area will be of help. To start, here are some ideas collated from talented interior designers to aid in your small hall revamp.

Small Hall Interior ideas with wood floors

1. Paint it bright. There is nothing better and more budget-friendly than simply brushing a fresh coat of paint onto your small hall’s wall. Choosing a light color like mint green and pastels can create an illusion of a much bigger space. Keep in mind that color helps to set a home’s mood and tone.

2. Consider functionality and storage when choosing furniture. Small halls don’t have to be bare. Entry halls, for instance, can make do with a hall table to help hold keys, flowers, and other welcoming knick-knacks. This eHomeProducts Hallway Bench below, also serves as storage or an organizer. So does a coat rack and shoe organizer. As always, consider looking at a furniture’s functionality and storage options when revamping a small hall’s interior design element. Functionality is always important with small hall interior design ideas and upstairs loft ideas.

eHomeProducts Hallway Bench with shoes

3. Bring the outdoors inside your home. You can line up potted green plants in a small hall to create a relaxed feel. Plants and flowery blooms are natural mood lifters. This home’s small hall below, makes use of a custom-fitted inverted skylight. Doing so helps invite natural light in and in turn, highlighting the unique flooring element used.

hall interior with dog brick and great design

4. Consider setting up a “mudroom”. This is especially needed for beach homes where sand and mud can easily trail from door to bedroom. Entry halls, no matter how small, can benefit largely with a bench that also doubles as storage for shoes and stuff. Add these MLF The Dots Coat Hooks to help hold scarves, coats, bags, hats, and even umbrella or parasols. This stylish hook comes in various colors to help enhance the entry hall’s ambiance and style.

MLF The Dots Coat Hooks Set of 5

5. Enhance bare hallway walls. If you are lucky to possess a flair for painting murals or creating stencils, adding a creative concept to a bare wall, will help lift a small hall’s ambiance. Or you may want to simply buy a wall decal like this one from SWORNA. Totally enchanting! Small hall interior design ideas that involve jazzing up a bare-wall are always a good place to start.

SWORNA Nature Series SN049 pink girls Decorative Wall Decal

6. Add a mirror. See to it though, that such a mirror is facing a source of light to bring natural light into small spaces. Mirrors help create an illusion of a much bigger space. When placed strategically, a mirror can harness natural light beams and channel such into the interior element of a home’s hall.

Small hall interior design ideas in white hallway

7. Line up photos and other visual mementos on a small hall’s wall area. You can choose to hang paintings or showcase private family fun moments via photos encased in intricate picture frames, like this number from Gallery Perfect below. These mementos can help breathe life into your hall making it more interesting and attractive.

Gallery Perfect 9 Piece Gallery Wall KitThere are so many small hall interior design ideas available out there. Let the ideas above kickstart your search on what elements to add to your home’s hall. When choosing, always consider the current design elements of your home, to fully create a free flow of design from one area to the next.

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