Earthy Home Decor Ideas for Zen Living

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There’s something so relaxing seeing certain elements of nature inside your home. The natural appeal makes the whole thing feel calm and peaceful, and more so– welcoming. But while it’s a tad expensive to hire a designer and create an abode that’s filled with prized Earth resources, there are actually Earthy home decor ideas that any homeowners can do without breaking the bank. To get you started, these tips will definitely be of help.

Cook up a fresh centerpiece. Whether on the dining table or the living room coffee table, you can create a centerpiece made of everything fresh, like fruits, herbs, flowers, wood, and so on. You can collect clear glass wine bottles and place them in a makeshift wooden box spray-painted white, like the one below. You may use any wooden plank to stage various seasonal produce. Think apples, pears, mini-pumpkins, and flowers in bloom. Add some scented candles and you’ve got one pumpin’ centerpiece that exudes Earthy Zen.

earthy home decor centerpiece in white with glass bottles

Make an indoor garden or a table adorned with succulents. Decorative terrariums are becoming more popular nowadays. Designs come in various shapes and sizes making them easier to integrate into your interior design. You can check out terrariums HERE. If terrariums are not your thing, prepping recycled pots and adding succulents into them, will also be an awesome idea. These T4U Succulent Pots are quite tasteful for a laidback living room.

T4U 2.7 Inch Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot Cactus Plant Pot Flower Pot Container Planter with Bamboo Tray Set of 3

Earthy wreaths never go out of style. They’re not only great for Christmas or Halloween, but all year round. You can mix and match various natural elements like twigs, dried items and feathers. This eucalyptus wreath, for instance, makes an excellent air freshener in any room. It also offers protection from mosquitoes and other insects.

Wreath of greens for door decor

Recreate a sense of coastal chic with empty wine bottles and dried seashells. Think about that Message in a Bottle feel, complete with seashells white sand, pebbles, a net and the whole enchilada. These Style Setter Set of 4 Colored Glass Bottles are a good choice. When done right, it can deliver an earthy Southern California beach lifestyle. Lots of people love the beach when it comes to earthy home decor ideas.

Style Setter Set of 4 Colored Glass Bottles

A cool driftwood arrangement can be truly breathtaking. A driftwood can house succulents, evergreens, moss, and even seashells if you like. There is so much you can do to decorate driftwood. This orchids and Ikebana arrangement, for instance, is an instant eye-catcher.

driftwood arrangement on counter top

Bring your outdoor garden inside by arranging fancy florals. To a prolific gardener, adding the bounty of natural beauty outside into a home is the pinnacle of success. Think about roses littering the living room, or using hyacinth blooms, orchids, violets and so many more. Have no access to fresh blooms? This natural-like faux orchid arrangement is a good option.

Nearly Natural 1119-WH Dancing Lady Orchid Liquid Illusion Silk Flower Arrangement, White

Don’t forget an eco-friendly bedroom. While much of your focus will be on the living and dining area, your bedroom can also imbibe an Earthy feel. Use reclaimed wood as a bed frame and dress it up with an eco-friendly mattress and linens, for that awesome sustainable feel.

Earthy home decor ideas in white bedroom with artwork and plants

These Earthy home decor ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much you can do to recreate an abode that’s in harmony with its surroundings. Let every room breathe and have fun adding knick-knacks to make an overall Zen-like design.



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