5 DIY Table Top Ideas & Designs For More Beautiful Living Rooms

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Tables are often the centerpiece of any room. Whether you have a dining table, coffee table, or even a Thanksgiving table, these spaces are where we gather, eat, play games, and even do work. So, it’s important to make sure you care for your tables and ensure they’re always neat and uncluttered. Table top ideas aren’t hard to find if you look hard enough.

But tables don’t always have to just be functional. A simple table top can get boring after a while. It’s always a great idea to liven up your table top and give it a wow factor. Luckily, there are several ways that you can add a touch of flair to your table to make it a functional yet stylish part of any room.

Keep reading to find out some great table top ideas to make your living room table stand out. These ideas are easy, and you can even make some of them into a fun DIY table project!

Top 5 Table Top Ideas

Top 5 Table Top Ideas

Transforming your table isn’t as difficult as you might think. Only the table top needs to be drastically changed, and as a flat area, you can easily implement several different ideas.

To help you figure out what direction you want to take, here are five table top ideas to brighten up your table.

Paint it

This is the simplest way to transform any piece of furniture. When properly done, it can have a great impact on the way your table stands.

Painting your table is an easy way to personalize it and make it pop. There are so many options to explore when it comes to painting your table that it can be difficult to settle on just one idea.

Here are some examples of what you can do with paint and your table:

  • Try an intentionally messy paint splatter design
  • Paint the table top a different color than the table legs to turn it into an accent piece
  • Create a pattern
  • Paint a design on the table top

The opportunities with paint are virtually limitless. The best part is that if you mess up, it’s easy to fix: just paint over the mistake and try again!

Create a mosaic

Create a mosaic

A more complex table top idea than painting, a mosaic brings brilliance to your table and gives it that handcrafted look. Creating a mosaic table top doesn’t take as long as you might think! You just need the proper materials, including:

  • Mosaic tiles
  • Sea glass (optional)
  • Tile adhesive
  • Sealant

Make sure you start off with clean mosaic tiles, then tile the rim of the table. Then, if you’re using sea glass, you’ll want to lay it out on the table top. From there, pour the sealant and add the mosaic tiles. Remove the excess grout, and you’re done!

This DIY table top idea allows you to get creative and experiment with different mosaics and materials.


The United States is in the minority of countries that still use pennies, but many people find little value in the currency and often keep them in jars where they collect dust.

If you’re one of those people with a collection of pennies that you don’t know what to do with, why not turn them into art? Many people and establishments are laying pennies out on their table top to give it a rustic look.

Start by sanding and glazing your table top. Stain and finish the table, then move on to the pennies, which need to be cleaned with tarnish. Glue the pennies on your table top, then glaze them for a finished look. You can do something similar with other circular materials, such as bottle caps.

Glass Table Top

Glass Table Top

This is an easy table top idea to give any old table a new, modern look. It’s also an easy idea to execute since all you need is an old table and a piece of glass that fits the table top.

If you’re using a really old table that needs some work, make sure to start by finishing the base with a stain or by painting it. Don’t forget to finish the top of the table, as it will be visible beneath the glass.

Take your glass top and use screws with rubber washers to secure it to the top of your table. Make sure the glass is clean when you do this, and clean it again once you’ve added the screws. This is a quick and easy way to modernize your table and make it suit any decor style.

Mix and Match Tiles

The final table top idea is another one that you can do using old materials.

Have you recently renovated your kitchen or bathroom and had some tiles left over? Instead of throwing them away, use them to make your table top unique.

All you need to do is lay out your tiles and stick them together with adhesive. Then, take your caulk gun and fill in the tiles as if you were applying them regularly to the wall. Add grout and make sure the tiles are clean, with no residue. Then, apply the finish.

If you don’t happen to have any tiles lying around, you can sometimes find some old ones by searching garage sales or thrift stores. Using different tiles lets you level up the mix-and-match factor and add even more uniqueness to your table top.

Final Thoughts

Table tops are one of the easiest pieces of furniture to update and personalize. Whether it’s your kitchen table, living room table, or desk, there are many ways you can add a touch of flair to your table top, creating a statement piece in your room.

Hopefully, these table top ideas provide you with some guidance and drive your creativity!



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