Choosing Room color: 5 Tips to Help You Plan First and Avoid Frustration

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Painting your room is a fast way to give an old room a breath of fresh air. However, the wrong color choice may lead to frustration and wastage of money. Here are 5 tips to help you in choosing room color and also avoiding the common mistakes people make.

Tip #1 : Start with your plan for the room first

Choosing room color in light bedroom
Use the room curtains and other fabrics as a cue to start planning about the color you want for the room . Then select the wall paint to support all other things that you want to keep in your space. For example – you may choose to have sheds complementing your accent pillows or a chair that has a pattern or print to it.

A mistake people make: They start picking room paint color first and then think about the color of other elements in the room.

Tip #2: Decide what will be your focal point

Choosing wall and decor room color in blue bedroom
If you choose the walls to be of bright color, then it is best to have rest of the room furnishings in lighter tones or even white. Let your wall color support other elements in the room, not fight it!

A mistake people make: They pick up a color that is too bright. For example a cobalt blue may look great as a ceramic lamp, but if put on wall it may become too bright and saturated for your liking.

Tip #3: Consider your home as a whole even if you are just painting one room

Choosing Transition room colors in living room

Transitioning from one room color to the next should flow well. For example – a bright orange color in one room opening up to a pink color room, does not go well .

A mistake people make: They often do not consider the home as a whole

Tip #4: Choose color based on your emotional nature

Light blue bedroom with white accents
If you are someone who likes a really serene look, you may want to look at shades of blue or green on the color wheel. On the other hand, if you want your rooms to have an energetic look, you may opt for warmer colors like yellow or orange, etc.

A mistake people make: They forget to consider their natural emotional state while choosing room color. Your favorite color may be orange, but if you want your bedroom to have a relaxing, calm look, then choosing orange for your walls will create a disconnect between your choice and what you want.

Tip #5: Don’t go with the trend just because everyone is doing it

Trendy pink and purple kids room
So you have been seeing tons of bright colors being used for last few years. Maybe it’s time to think of something different that gives a fresher look? Maybe you may even consider colors like lavender … those that support a sophisticated, even a little bit more masculine look?

A mistake people make: Going with the trend even though those have become over exposed.

With the vast array of color palettes available, one may fall in the trap of too many color options leading to wrong choice. Choosing wall color based on the focal point of each room and other existing room elements rather than depending on trends, will be lighter for your pocket.


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