How to change the look and feel of your home without getting overwhelmed

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The new year is often a time of reflecting, goal setting and making changes. Sometimes these goals are related to the change in the look and feel of your home space. But for many people it is frustrating as they cannot decide where or how to start. Here’s a checklist how to change the look and feel of your home without getting overwhelmed.

1) De clutter: First take a good look at your clutter. Visual clutter can create stress and add to your depression. When you don’t have papers or clothes piled up, it is easier to relax. De cluttering does not mean just organizing, it also means purging. So setup a routine and start with one room at a time.

De clutter living room to change your home without getting overwhelmed
2) Harmony: A good way to bring harmony in your home is to have common color palettes for your rooms. Of course all the rooms should not be the same, but having something in common like shades of color from a common color palette; brings about the much needed harmony in your home.

3) Repetition: If you look at any home decoration magazines they will show repetition that creates a pattern. This could be like two or three beautiful chairs lined up or just displayed in a row, two lamps flanking the side of a couch, etc. It can even be two or three different items of similar textures and patterns.

Home office using Repetition without getting overwhelmed
4) Scale: It is how two or more objects relate to one another and in case of design, it is about how an object relates to a human body. The most common mistake people make when living in small spaces is to buy apartment size furniture that feels disproportionate in the room. Lots of time you’ll end up with lot of things with which you cannot live comfortably and gracefully. This tip how to change the look and feel of your home without getting overwhelmed is a good one.

An exception to this is where you use an over sized object to make a statement or call attention to an area.

5) Lighting: It is one of the most important aspect of a space and should not only serve the purpose of lighting the room , but should also make the room more appealing visually. If your room only has a single series of lighting you will be amazed what a few lamps can do. This is called task lighting. It is not only beautiful, it also helps to complete a task like reading.

Change the lighting in your home without getting overwhelmed
You can also use accentuate lighting to draw attention to a space like a bookshelf.

Whatever the case, it is important to create layers for your lighting.

Once you decide to make changes don’t get discouraged if you cannot implement them all at once. It is a process and you can do it slowly. But having a plan on how to change the look and feel of your home without getting overwhelmed, makes the changes a lot less frustrating.


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