9 Wood Wall Design Ideas That Are Sure To Inspire

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There was a time in the last century when wooden walls were all the rage. But within a few decades they had gone grossly out of style. But as they say – all trends come around again, and wooden walls are just one of those. Yes, agreed that when it comes to walls of wood or wooden panels, today, the flavor is modern. But they still hark back to a lofty past! And today we’re trying to help you recreate the charm with these 9 wood wall design ideas.

Wood wall design ideas in an apartment with large windows
Photo Credit: lushome.com

#1: As you can see here – one great idea is to try it as a means to minimize waste. When wood is cut up to make panels or other features, you always have scraps left over. And these can be used to form a pleasant and different mosaic, as here.

Wooden bed furniture made from left over wood
Photo Credit : hometrendesign.com

#2: Here is another great idea. While this does take more work – and you will need to ensure that you commission a good architect and woodworker to execute it. The textured wave style detailing on the walls adds a really modern futuristic touch by adding fluidity to geometric lines! Plus, this could serve as a very strategic way to mask drawers and other storage spaces hidden into the wood paneling. When it comes to wood wall design ideas, this one is one of the more ornate.

Ornate wood wall design ideas in hallway with wood floor
Photo Credit : ninegatesrecords.com

#3: So much for square wood panel mosaics, here is something that is somewhat more extravagant. It is still a mosaic though, but this needs to be done for its own sake, and not out of scraps. But the effect – the interplay of the different shades of the wood makes for a really different featured wall.

Wooden mosaic wall design ideas in different colors
Photo Credit : slimpro.co

#4: Now, wooden mosaic walls needn’t be polished and leveled out, as with the other two we have featured. Here is another unique idea – try mosaic walls that have texture and feel!

Mosaic wood wall design ideas used in white room
Photo Credit : utegirl70.blogspot.in

#5: Speaking of mosaic wooden wall designs, you can also consider more intricate designs – these only infuse more sophistication and character into your living space! Wouldn’t you say that if you walked into a room which had a pastel shade for 3 walls, and the above wooden ‘tapestry’ for the 4th?

Wood wall design cabinets in black and other decor
Photo Credit : anikamari.com

#6: Here’s another idea – instead of going wooden for the walls, go for regular walls and get wooden wall cabinets instead. This is a particularly good idea for a kitchen and dining space, like here. As you can see the area under the wooden cabinets is also mosaic, and you can easily work in a wooden mosaic here as well. Wood wall design ideas work with lots of other kinds of decor. This is just another example.

Wood wall tiles as centerpiece for wall in living room
Photo Credit : lushome.com

#7: You can even use a wooden installation as a centerpiece for your wall. This can be a great conversation starter in any home, and also add a wooden touch. In this picture you can see it done to perfection!

Wood being used in bathroom
Photo Credit : design-milk.com

#8: Here’s another idea, this time for the bathroom. As you can see, there is wood detailing for the wall, the seat, the floating rack and even the tub filler outlet! Along with the pristine white walls and fittings, this really gives the room stark contrast that looks very good! Wood wall design ideas that use contrasting colors are always a good idea.

Wood art as headboard in white bedroom
Photo Credit : indesignartsandcrafts.com

#9: Another way to incorporate wood across the walls is to use it to make up wall art. Like in this case, it is a beautiful cutout art and looks really regal! However, these you need to look out for and pick up when you see one.

And there you have 9 wood wall design ideas that are sure to put a different spin to your home. And as you can see – there is something for everyone – from utilitarian to ornamental, from the expensive to the affordable! So now, all you have to do is pick your favorite and work out something along that line!


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