7 Outdated Decor Trends To Avoid

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There is so much that can be done when redecorating a home. But like everything else in life, decor trends come and go. Even an expert interior designer has to go through the challenge of sifting through a highly dynamic market. Add to that one’s attachment to sentimental heirlooms and travel collections. When thinking of keeping up with the latest trends in the market, however, the following outdated decor trends to avoid are considered no-nos this year and beyond.

1. Too Much Brass-ness

Brass items used in home decor trends
Source : ofdesign.net

One of the most lamented outdated decor trends to avoid is the misuse or abuse of brass. A trendy topic in 2016, brass is becoming more of an eyesore, as homes amass tons of copper-based decorative elements into such limited space. Two or three brass elements in a space can deliver a clear message, but beyond that it’s channeling overkill. So, what to do? Mix metals to provide an eclectic and unique vibe to a space. Timeless bronze for high traffic areas like the kitchen will also look ecstatic. Do remember that, when mixing metals, stick to similar finish for a more consistent feel.

2. Designer Lamps


Designer lamps on table in front of blue wall
Source : houseology.com

Say goodbye to designer lamps and their inconsequential knockoffs, from Serge Mouille lamps to Esvitales, Frank Lloyd or the villainous Calgao hangman lamp. These lamps have rocked home interior design for quite some time and must rest on the laurels of classicism. While they may be appreciated by antique lovers, it is time for you to move on to more well-crafted pieces. Try checking out local products near you. This is one of the outdated decor trends to avoid if you want a more modern style.

3. Into The Abyss


Green walls and book shelves in study with orange chair
Source : houzz.com

Move out white, pastel and all things light! This 2017, the dark side has finally trumped up the lighter side. But instead of deep-sea blue, reds, black or dark grey, dark green is the “in” thing these days– that is, for walls. Think about a Pantone green living room or an artichoke green kitchen. Scandinavian walls are so last year. In addition to green walls, a bevy of mustard, mink or dark taupe will also be in full swing for upholstery and decorative pieces to deliver a more harmonious vibe to a space.

4. All Things Faux


Fake marble countertop in bathroom in white
Source : howtocleanmarble.org

Expert designers, like their fashion counterparts, continue to lament the onslaught of fakes and imitation in decorative elements. Think about marble imitations, fake fur or rug, faux leathers, designer-labeled fabrics, engineered wood, and so on. While there may be some inspirational faux pieces coming every now and then, too much of these can prove to be an eyesore. Shift your focus instead on finding authentic pieces, even in pre-loved stores or flea markets.


5. Say Goodbye to Reclaim Wood

reclaimed and repurposed wood mirror with storage
Source : foter.com

One of the biggest trends in 2015 to 2016 was reclaimed or repurposed wood. Imagine having a dinner table that used to be a part of a pre-colonial floor, or slabs from a barn, made into open kitchen shelves. Without a doubt, old wood adds more character and dramatic flair to a space, but this year you just have to make do with antique pieces.

6. Macrame No More


macrame wall decor in bedroom decor trend
Source : ilevel.biz

One of the central concepts in boho chic decorative elements, the world of macrame has finally had its final bow. There are actually tons of ways to add a bohemian flair to a particular space, without hanging around cumbersome macrame decor. Got lots of them? Decrease exposure and then, infuse neutral pieces or those with clean lines to make the whole arrangement casual yet, elegant.


7. Geometric Decor


Geometric floor design decor trend to avoid
Source : digsdigs.com

Geometric design is so passe. This is even more so when used extensively. From lamps to terrariums, concrete geometric bases, to kitchen back splash, or bath feature walls, wall art, and so on, geometric decor must be used sparingly or none at all.


Outdated decor trends to avoid in kitchen
Source : decoratorswisdom.com

A word to the wise though, as much as possible steer clear of decor trends and inject your own signature flair into your home overhaul plan. Make good use of family heirlooms or collectibles from cross-continental travels. While these outdated decor trends to avoid may help clear up the confusion on what to infuse into your new home design, it is best to put your personality and life reflections onto center-stage when overhauling your space.



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