7 Innovative Home Office Wall Decoration Ideas

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Have you been looking for something ecstatic to hang on your office walls? Did you just move to a new place and start creating a home office from scratch? Whether you have a small Harry-Potter-cupboard space for just a desk or an annex studio for your own office space, finding innovative and engaging home office wall decoration ideas is truly a noble, and challenging, task. To add fun to your quest, here are 7 cool wall decor selections to begin with.

Home office wall decoration ideas
1. Wall Photo Frame

Wall photo frame home office wall decoration ideas
Transform your personal space into one that’s rich in memory and charm by adding a wall photo frame. Perhaps one of the most inexpensive home office wall decoration ideas, this requires blowing up a favorite photo marbled with nail polish to deliver an artistically cool effect.

2. Gallery Wall

Framed art gallery above couch in home office
If you have a collection of framed art or photos then, by all means, flaunt them! Create a gallery wall like the one above in your home office receiving area. Make it the focus of the room. It does not only add aesthetic value to the space, it also showcases your love for the creative.

3. Tapestry Love

Tapestry home office wall decoration ideas
Whoever says home office wall decoration ideas are expensive must be out of their mind. One can easily transform a bare wall by crafting a large tapestry like this one. Made with woven yarn on fabric, this oversized tapestry adds some character to a seemingly barren wall. You can check out DIY tapestry-making experts for inspiration or buy straight from your local home depot. Hang it and voila! A splash of color might be all you need to get more productive.

4. Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Vinyl Record Wall Clock home office wall decoration ideas
Love music? Here’s a jazzy idea—vinyl record wall clock! This Disc O’ Clock, for instance, is made from eco-friendly recyclable materials. Handmade and crafted to suit your unique taste in music, this will definitely jazz up your office wall.

5. Calendar Wall

Calendar wall home office wall decoration ideas
If you are one who has a tight schedule to pursue, here’s an excellent thought—add a calendar to your wall design. This vinyl black chalkboard, for instance, can be directly placed on your office wall. Here, you can write down client meet-ups, presentation schedules, or deadlines using an erasable chalk ink pens. Who needs a planner when you can easily check out your schedule on the wall?

6. Comic Fun

Mario brothers decor
Add some fun to your home office by adding adorable canvas art to your wall. From Super Mario Brothers to Marvel Comic Characters, PVZ, PokemonGo, Sanrio characters, and various adorable characters will definitely create an aura of fun to the entire space.

7. Home Office Wall Mural

Mural of New York
Unleash the artist in you. Paint your home office wall with your own signature artwork. Creative artists like you love to work in an office environment that suits their mood. What better way to do that than by painting your own home office wall mural. Better yet, hire a mural artist who can perfectly encapsulate what you want. It could be abstract art, a Zen place for you, a portrait, or whatever piques your mind to work productively.

Indeed, there are many ways to add personality of your home office. Make good use of those four walls to create a place where creativity, passion and productivity thrive. Take your pick from these home office wall decoration ideas for starters. With these, you can convert seemingly boring workspaces into something as creative as you are.


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