7 Home Bar Decor Ideas To Add Fun To Your Lifestyle

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There is nothing more exciting than to get into the groove with family or close friends. You can have your own drinks by simply creating your own bar at home. Armed with your love for booze and cooking, you can create a space where fun memories can begin taking form on Friday or Saturday nights. Whether you decide to hang around with girlfriends over dry martinis and tequila shots while gossiping about other people’s lives or spending poker night with the guys, here are 7 home bar decor ideas that will definitely make entertainment more fun.

Home Bar Decor Ideas

1. Go Retro

Retro home bar decor ideas from the 50
What is not to love about the 50’s? if you are one who loves to listen and strut to the oldies like the Platters, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, or Jerry Lee Lewis, then this retro 50’s classic home bar décor idea is made just for you. Check out how the B&W checkered linoleum floor compliments the black countertop and red with chrome accents. Retro bar stools with diner tables and chairs can be found in various antique stores or custom-made for your own home. Simply look for old vinyl records, frame them or showcase them raw on the wall and voila! A classic soda machine can be converted into a wine case to hold those prized vintage possessions, too.

2. Choose Elegance

Traditional Elegant home bar decor ideas
Elegant home bars display fine and carefully crafted designs without appearing flashy. Think about gentle curves and polished wood furnishings. Add stools that are made to gleam with the ancient grace and modishness in mind, as well as a countertop that holds equally sophisticated decorative elements. Fit to accentuate a home with a traditional design, this elegant home bar decor idea is truly a must-have for a classy home.

3. Wild, Wild West

Wild west home bar decor ideas
When it comes to bars, nothing beats the old west. Though this one don’t have swinging entry doors for John Wayne and his minions to rush into and the saddle stools are definite must-haves. When thinking of an Old West inspired home bar, try using rustic wood on the countertop and wall paneling for the ultimate design elements. You may hang a mirror behind the bar and use custom-made shelving or wine racks to reflect the old-school design. Add some accent lamps to feel the difference. This is one of the more old style home bar decor ideas that can add a lot of charm.

4. Modern Minimalist

Minimalist bar cabinet furniture ideas
When living in a high-rise apartment or condo, space can be such a challenge. So, if a full-throttle home bar is not a possibility, why not go for this simple yet still sinful wet bar which you can easily drag around in your living area. Invest in standalone bar cabinet furniture where you can hang goblets and wine collection with movable bar stools, too. Whoever says entertaining guests can’t be made possible in a limited space is definitely mistaken.

5. All-Black

Black wood and metal theme
Add a little mystery and charm to your place with an all-black home bar. A favorite among bachelors and perhaps, one of the most stylish-for-less home bar decor ideas, an all-black ensemble exudes power and control. Anything can look sophisticated and dignified when done in black. This will certainly make a modern home burst with life without being to rowdy when entertaining a crowd.

6. Solid Stainless Steel

Stainless steel theme with lighting
On the opposite of the spectrum comes a stainless home bar idea which every modern man or woman will surely love. This home bar is definitely every modern home’s dream design complete with LED backlight and plenty of glass that surrounds the space. Stainless steel is one that’s easy to maintain requiring less work during clean-up. Definitely, another one of the great home bar decor ideas to consider for someone who wants to live on the edge but doesn’t have the time to pick things up thereafter.

7. Tropical Paradise

Tiki flavored theme
Go lush and exotic with this tropical home bar idea. Choose a Tiki bar as an inspiration or simply add tropical stuffs like nautical stuffs, orchids and non-flowering plants, lanterns, and tribal design stools and wood paneling. Line your wall with “banig” or native-inspired weaving to fully embrace the culture of the tropics. This also makes a great home bar decor idea for an outdoor pitch.

Truly, a home bar is an awesome space if you love to entertain. Not only does it add excitement and drama to an erstwhile boring home, it also makes it welcoming to guests and visiting family members or friends. You can choose to incorporate it in your kitchen, in a corner of your living room, or convert a garage or basement space. Whichever it is, any of these home bar decor ideas will definitely be a great choice.


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