7 Funtastic Birthday Party Decoration Ideas for Adults

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While much planning has been given to children’s parties, one is never too old to celebrate such a spectacular time of the year. But aside from fun, your birthday as an adult must also be cool, sophisticated, and stylish. With trendy birthday party decoration ideas for adults available, you can definitely start charting an upcoming birthday bash with gusto. To give you a headstart, here are 7 birthday party decoration ideas for adults to tease your highly imaginative mind.

1. Masquerade Ball

Birthday party decoration ideas for adults
Bring back glamor and charm into a black-and-white masquerade ball. Think about women guests in dressy ball gowns and men in their glossy hairstyle and tuxedos. Have entrance standees for masks, where guests can get their own. Welcome them with a luminescent arch for a photoshoot complete with balloons, drama lights, and other decorations. Set a piano on a corner and a space for slow dancing. Make the buffet feel like they’re drawn back to 60s and 70s charm. At midnight, you can have everyone unmask to cap off a great party and continue with the booze.

2. Great Drinksby

Great Gatsby masquerade ball birthday party decoration ideas
Or you can ditch the whole mask thing and simply go for the glamour and style of the 20s. The Great Gatsby is a perfect theme for adult birthday parties. Think about 20’s inspired art deco vibe with mansion, fountain, blinking series lights, and convertible car standees complete with carefully coordinated invitations, party favors, and tableware. Don’t forget the flowing champagne, too!

3. Get Your Luau On

Luau birthday party decoration ideas
Celebrating birthdays in the heat of summer definitely calls for a water themed party. What better way to do that than with a luau. Make good use of a backyard pool or a beachfront property. Decorate with grass skirts, tropical flowers, and leis. Create makeshift tropical standees and other Tiki decorations. Have a luau banner and a giant swan pool float, serve seafood and refreshing cocktails reminiscent of a day well spent at an exotic Hawaiian beach. Birthday party decoration ideas for adults such as this one have always been a popular option.

4. Go Naugh-tical

Nautical birthday party decoration ideas
Another great summer-water themed party is by going nautical. You can ask all guests to wear Southampton all-white ensemble as you recreate the ultimate nautical party reminiscent of the salty air and oceanfront. Decorate with life preservers, colorful fishnets, Captain’s wheel standees, anchor and sail wave standees, makeshift cruise ship, and so on. Splash a huge Welcome Aboard sign to set the ultimate party for your guests.

5. Fab Vegas Birthday

Las Vegas fun
Bring on the high rollers and go for these casino-themed party decoration ideas for adults. Rent a space or convert your living area or backyard into an MGM Grand Casino straight from Las Vegas. Channel slot machines, poker chips, playing cards, and rhinestone dice into your invitation, decorations, tableware, and party favors. With a little creativity, you can easily create a look that will definitely score a jackpot with everyone!

6. Bohemian Life Birthday

Bohemian birthday party decoration ideas
Boho chic theme is an awesome choice for a small group of people to share your birthday with. Simply set up a long table (or connect various crates to create one) draped with paisley wraps and topped with colorful, flowery, and an uninhibited decorative vibe. Think mason jar lamps or terrariums, makeshift teepees, old drinking bottles as glasses, hay bales as buffet tables, and so on. Definitely this “free-to-be-me” vibe is a way to celebrate the power of free-spirited individuals.

7. Cosplay Birthday

Colorful cosplay costumes
Cosplay is one of the highlights of the geek culture. Young millennials easily immerse into the complexities of artistic representations of different characters in the “geek mythology.” An easy take is to decorate with heroes and villains from Marvel or DC. Though complex, the anime, manga and video games will definitely blow everyone’s mind. Transform a living room or a backyard into Gotham City or create an Otaku-like party place. Let guests come as their favorite super hero or villain, geishas and Pokemons, Zelda and Final Fantasy characters, Star Trek or Star Wars characters, and so much more!

Indeed, you are never too old to have a birthday party. While still breathing and thriving, celebrate your special day with gusto. Simply choose a theme, set a budget, and find a reliable supplier for the birthday party decoration ideas for adults. If this is a surprise party, plan the activities with friends and family. Add some personal touches—and you’re all off to a wonder-rific birthday bash!


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