7 Fireplace Decor Ideas To Add Grace To Your Home

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Don’t you just love the coziness and warmth of a fireplace during a wintry spell? Snuggling close with a loved one with a fireplace aglow, will definitely give more loving warmth more than anything else. This beautiful addition to a home can even be made more dramatic with the right decorative pieces to lift its essence. To give yours a lift, the following fireplace decor ideas can truly add some grace.

1. Prop a work of art like a painting on top of your fireplace mantel. This abstract handpainted painting below, for instance, can draw the attention of the eye to this particular area of the home igniting a more welcoming ambiance. Artwork doesn’t always have to be a pricey collector’s item. Artwork done by your kids may very well give your interior design more sense of thoughtfulness and affection.

Hand painted Modern Abstract Sexy Girl Oil Painting for fireplace
Hand painted Modern Abstract Sexy Girl Oil Painting On Canvas


2. Create an illusion of more space with a decorative mirror. This does not only capture natural light to add more ambiance to a home, it also delivers a dramatic statement to make the space more elegant. Flames from a fireplace, when reflected on a mirror, also add more sense of warmth to a space.

Home Source 400 22439 Decorative Starburst Mirror for fireplace decor
Home Source 400-22439 Decorative Starburst Mirror


3. Add a touch of French elegance to your home by adding candelabras on top of your fireplace mantelpiece. Elegant lighting has always been the French’s forte with candelabras as constant attraction in their various decorative flair. Add a pair for a balanced look. Candelabras are fireplace decor ideas that always look great on your mantel.

Luckymoo Classic Metal Candelabra gold for fireplace mantel

Luckymoo Classic Metal Candelabra


4. Upgrade the feel and ambiance to a room by adding great artwork like this iron sculpture below. This statement-making piece is one way to express personal style. From modern to vintage, whimsical or minimalist, there are various sculpture designs out there to accentuate your fireplace.

Danya B Encircled Reader Iron Sculpture to use on fireplace

Danya B. Encircled Reader Iron Sculpture


5. Add some flair to a vintage set up by adding an urn on top of your fireplace. Originally intended to house potted plants, there are various styles, materials and finishes that make urns a lovely decorative piece to add more drama to a fireplace. Traditional and graceful, urns can work in any space at any season.

Vintage fireplace decor ideas with furniture
Source : elledecor.com


6. Breathe life into a space by adding potted plants or flowery blooms on top of your fireplace mantel. Plants are also known to improve a home’s air quality by purifying the air we breathe. Ferns and orchids, for instance, can be freshly picked each day then, placed in crystal vases propped on top of your fireplace. These air filters will definitely help counter pollutants coming in from your roaring fire, as they tend to give off oxygen particularly at night.

7. Add a floating shelf or a rectangular hardwood on top of your outdoor stone fireplace. This indoor meet outdoor balcony’s fireplace creates a welcoming and relaxing ambiance for friends and family members to have fun while keeping them warm. Simply prop up a few candles on the slab of wood. Light it up at night and voila!

fireplace decor ideas with brown furniture
Source : elledecor.com

These fireplace decor ideas will definitely work on any given design in a home. Choose one or mix and match 1 to 2 of the pieces mentioned to get that unique look into a home. With a fine fireplace in place and decorative pieces to add drama to it, you can finally enjoy the warmth and comforting glow of its blazing fire.



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