7 Creative Ways to Make Good Use of Small Walls in Your Home

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Small walls can be found throughout most homes. Typically used as a transition or as a way to separate two separate rooms, small walls are often left untouched when it comes to home decor. The majority of homes have them and many homeowners have no idea what to do with them. With this selection of 7 creative ways to make good use of small walls in your home, you can add purpose and style to these tiny areas.

#1 – Create a Message Center

Create a message center, using storage boxes and shelving. Add an area for leaving messages, storing keys, and emptying your pockets when you get home. You could even attach a calendar.

Message center on wall to make good use of small wall
You could also use chalkboard paint to create your message center. Most home improvement stores sell chalkboard paint. It is as easy to apply as any other paint. Once dried, you have your own chalkboard that could be used as a message center near your kitchen. Use the chalkboard to make a quick list or leave a message for a family member.

The same idea could be used to give your children their own chalkboard. If you have a small wall in your children’s play area, a chalkboard will allow them to actually unleash their creativity on the wall without getting you into a clean up mess.

#2 – Add a Small Seating Area

One way to bring more function to your small walls is to add a seating area. Depending on the length of the wall, you could place a small bench or chair along the wall. This could serve as an area to take off your shoes when you enter the house, or as a cozy spot to read a book.

#3 – Create More Storage Space

Do you have a small wall next to your kitchen? You could add a hanging rack or install shelving. This new storage space could be used to hang extra pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. If you add more storage to a living room or a dining area, use your new shelving to display keepsakes or home decor.

Hanging rack storage to make good use of small walls
#4 – Use a Bold Color to Separate a Room

If your small wall is used to separate one room from another, add more definition to this transition by adding a bold color. With a large arch or doorway, it can be hard to create distinct styles for each of the connected rooms. Choose a color that will stand out and help separate the rooms.

#5 – Add More Decorations

A small wall is also a great space to use for displaying more art. Hang wall decorations or paintings to add more style to your home. Consider placing several small decorations or paintings, instead of one large item, to make better use of the space.

#6 – Create More Space with a Mirror

Hanging a large mirror along a wall will help create the illusion of more space. If, in addition to having small walls, you have a small room, this is a great idea. The mirror will open up space and create a more grand appearance.

#7 – Add a Mail Organizer

With a small wall near your entryway or back door, having a mail organizer will help you cut down on clutter. Either hang a compact organizer with cubby holes and drawers, or purchase a small desk that can be placed against the wall. Sort your mail as soon as you get inside, placing important letters and bills in the appropriate spot. You can also use your organizer as a storage spot for your keys.

These 7 creative ways to make good use of small walls in your home might help you make better use of them. As a homeowner, you have the freedom to transform your home however you see fit. Add more storage, display more art or decorations, creating a seating area, or come up with your own ideas. Hopefully, you found some inspiration while looking over these simple yet innovative concepts.


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