7 Budget Friendly Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas For Summer

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How nice would it be to spend summers sipping tea on a rocking chair while watching people walk by? There’s definitely something magical about summers spent kicking back on your front porch. With the gentle breeze and the eternal warmth from the sun, moments spent in such a space can truly be memorable. In anticipation of the season, it is only fitting to look for small front porch decorating ideas for summer to add charm and cool ambiance. To get you started, here are some tips to make any diminutive space look their best without breaking the bank.

Front porch decor in summer with chalk board and shells
Source: cottageintheoaks.com

1. Tap your inner gardener. Add cheerfulness to a rather bland space by adding flowery blooms set in self-watering pots or perhaps, buckets out of repainted cans and buckets. Have them ensconced in a tiered planter like the one below from Sunnydaze. Complement this with baskets of hanging vines, too.

Sunnydaze 6-Tiered Indoor Outdoor Folding Plant and Flower Stand for front porch

2. Go vintage. Scout flea markets or look for bazaars and garage sales to look for classic decor like typographical signs, to spruce up your porch. From lighted welcome signs to warning boards asking guests to leave their shoes or coat behind, placing one above, on the side or in front; can add that pop of color to your small porch. You can buy one from Amazon or make one on your own with just a slab of wood and paint. Vintage signs are front porch decorating ideas for summer, that are always a good option and deliver a classic look.

Small front porch decorating ideas for summer welcome sign in wood

3. Or take the patriotic route with you— literally. Amid all the controversies hounding the country, summer is still the best time to show off your patriotic side. You can place a flag symmetrically or hang a bigger one to serve as your porch’s focal point.

Anley Fly Breeze 3x5 Foot American US Polyester Flag - Vivid Color and UV Fade Resistant

4. How about curtains for drama. Fancy vacationing in a cool exotic place? Why not recreate the feel of a breezy beachside vacation home by adding white curtains. Curtains can sway with the wind and provide a shield from the sun’s harmful UV rays, while lending that beachfront-like coolness to the space. Front porch decorating ideas for summer like these curtains, are a great idea, not often considered.

RYB HOME Outdoor Indoor Voile Drape Panels in white on small front porch

5. Think relaxing furniture. Aside from a long bench encased with fluffy pillows and ottomans to rest your feet upon, investing in a rocking chair like this heavy duty Amish design below, can truly add a more relaxing vibe to a porch. With a glass of iced tea, rocking yourself to utmost relaxation while greeting neighbors as they pass by is never a bad thing.

Amish Pressure Treated Rocking Chair With Cupholders in white

6. Let there be light. There is so much more to do on summer nights than just stay inside your air conditioned abode. Reading stories to your children or grandkids while gazing at the moon, the stars and sky above, will help create memories to last them a lifetime. With this, installing the right kind of illumination is essential when revamping a small porch. An LED powered wall sconce, for instance, adds a sense of joie de vivre no matter how small or narrow a porch is.

Globe Electric 44194 Montgomery 13 1-Light Outdoor Wall Sconce with Clear Glass Shade Black on small front porch

7. Don’t forget– hammock! Begging for you to just sit or lie back and throw all your worries away, a hammock like this one below from Sorbus is truly a must-have. With such bohemian style, you can read a book or simply take a nap in such a cozy spot.

Sorbus Hammock Chair Macrame Swing, 265 Pound Capacity for front porch

These small front porch decorating ideas for summer are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s just so much that you can do to uplift the vibe of a porch regardless of size or shape! When done with joy and affection in mind, it will leave no doubt that this place will become everyone’s oasis when the temperature soars sky high.



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