5 Tips to Decorate and Spice Up a Blank Wall in Your Home

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It’s amazing how blank walls can be transformed into artistic masterpieces by simply adding items of choice creatively. Here we’ll discuss 5 interesting ways to decorate and spice up a blank wall in your home.

1.Mirrors: A mirror is one of the best ways to admire yourself, but it can also make a stylish statement for your home as well. Most of us already know that mirrors make any space look bigger than it actually is and that’s why they are used in parlours, restaurants etc. You can use mirrors the same way in your home. Some mirrors are very decorative and fancy and you can combine different shapes and sizes of mirror and use them on a particular wall .

Mirrors to decorate and spice up a blank wall in your home You can also get differently shaped mirrors , add custom made frames and put these together. Paint and decorate around it, to add your personal touch.

Another idea is to add rice led lights around the mirror.

2.Chalkboard Frame: You can also plan to use chalkboard frames on your wall. One unique way to decorate a wall would be hanging a medium sized chalkboard frame and add reminders, important dates, daily quotes. You can even add pictures and embellish it.

You can have so much fun with chalkboard frames and at the same time, it can be a totally informal , intimate thing for your home which also acts as a piece of decoration.

Chalkboard frame to decorate and spice up black wall in your home
iCasso 12" Vintage France Paris Colourful French Country Non-Ticking Silent Wood Wall Clock 3.Wall clock: Another great idea for wall decoration is using an interesting wall clock. For example you can get vintage pieces, or those that are reminiscent of places you have visited.

Designer wall clocks have been used for decades to spice up a certain area of the house.

4.Wall Mounted Candle: Another interesting way to decorate your wall, is to add fancy wall mount designer candle holders. These are very reminiscent of the Victorian era and add a vintage and lavish feel.

You can even use these wall mounted candles to highlight another piece of art on your wall.

Are you into DIY? Want to display your child’s craft? You can plaster them on a wall and add wall mounted candles to highlight them! This is a great way decorate and spice up a blank wall in your home.

Decorate and spice up a blank wall with a wall mounted candle holder


family wall with pictures in stairwell 5.Family Wall: And of course the ‘family wall’ is another way to have fun with your wall. This is where you put up pictures from your wedding day, the first step your child took, the first holiday with family, pictures of your child’s birthday…just about anything you can remember.

It is a great way to bring your family together and add a sense of intimacy. After all it’s your home!

Hopefully these ideas to decorate and spice up a blank wall in your home, is helping to turn the creative wheel in your head and will assist you to add a different dimension to your home.



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