5 Easy-Peasy Dollar Store Home Decor Hacks

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Who wouldn’t want an Instagram-perfect home? But while we would want to emulate Martha Stewart’s home styling ideas, there are actually many ways to enhance your interior decorative design with just arts and crafts supplies and a few things from a friendly Dollar Store. Without further ado, here are some Dollar Store home decor hacks to spruce up your abode without causing a dent in your piggybank.


Easy Peasy Dollar Store ideas
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1.Stylish Basket. Add more sass to a guest bedroom or a kid’s playrom by adding a rope utility basket. Getting the idea from IHeartOrganizing, this stylish rope basket only needs a few yards of cotton filler cord (which can be bought HERE if you don’t have any stashed from an older craft project), You’ll need a Dollar Store plastic basket (preferably in white), some leftover paint (if you want a colorful take on your rope) and a hot glue gun. Simply wrap the cotton cord around the plastic basket and secure it with the help of the hot glue gun and voila!


Laundry basket made of dollar store materials before and after
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2. Mason Jar Magic. This one comes with a lot of promise. Mason jars can be transformed into so many things– an oil lamp, a hanging pendant light, the body of a table lamp, as jar luminaries for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas, glitter candle holders, fabric encased votives, and so on. You can buy them in bulk at a nearby Dollar Store then, paired with this glitter paint from Amazon below, create a truly dazzling appeal. Dollar store home decor hacks using mason jars can also be found on other websites, such as Pinterest.


FolkArt Extreme Glitter Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors for home decor hacks

3. Cool Trivets. Any Dollar Store, whether online or offline, always has a section for laundry stuff and clothespins are no exception. For this project, you will need to buy the ones made of wood because, of course, plastic cannot handle heat. Simply spray paint with whatever color you fancy and connect using a hot glue gun and voila! Colorful trivets made of clothespin to add more life to your dining table. This piece of decor will be as useful as it is colorful.


Cool Trivets from clothes pins
Source : cdn.homedit.com


4. Spa Bath Mat. Ever came across a pebble bath mat in your nearby Home Depot? At more than $150 a piece, those bath mats can truly make you feel at loss for words. But these mats are known to be quite invigorating. It helps improve circulation by hitting on certain pressure points in your feet while you shower. It also helps remove dirt from your soles and help you save more on a pricey foot spa. With just a handful of pebbles from your backyard, an outdoor rubber mat (with holes for drainage; of any shape you want) from your Dollar Store, and a waterproof silicone sealer and there you have a relaxing bath each time! Dollar store home decor hacks using mirrors like this, are a great option for any DIY project.


Spa Bath Mat made of stones on rubber DIY
Source : i.ytimg.com


5. Mirrors Galore. Create an illusion of a bigger space while enhancing the mood inside your home by converting simple mirrors from your friendly Dollar Store into stylish decorative pieces. There’s the starbust mirror DIY from PopSugar which only needs a Dollar Store round mirror, some wooden skewers, a paper towel and the proverbial arts and crafts stuff. Or that Pottery Barn-inspired mirror which welcomes natural light into your home and also adds a glamorous appeal to your overall interior decorating style. Definitely, there’s more to those Dollar Store mirrors than what meets the eye.


Mirrors Galore as home decor hack for walls
Source : cdn.homesthetics.net


Decorating on a budget is a fun and rewarding experience. There are 1001 Dollar Store home decor hacks out there waiting to be tapped. With your creative genius and limitless desire for all things DIY, your home is definitely in for a much bigger surprise for less. Happy decorating!



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