5 DIY Interior Decor Ideas for Redecorating Your Home on a low budget

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Redecorating does not have to be expensive. With these simple DIY ideas you can easily change the look and feel of your room easily. You can implement these ideas even if you are not very  DIY inclined. So let’s get to the point straight away. Here are 5 simple ways for redecorating your home on a low budget

1) Transform the look and feel of room easily with perfect lighting

Move away from traditional ceiling lights. Opt for something trendy on walls and tabletops. You can also look for DIY handmade paper lights.

Some examples of changing appearance of room by using lights :

Add lights under the kitchen cabinet.

Add an unusual  floor lamp . For this, get a fish bowl, hook it up,  add different colored lights and you can change the lighting of the room in a different uncommon way.

2) Drapes to change the Room Appearance

Drapes not only block out light, but can add a touch of sophistication to your room.

You can get hold of dupattas, and stitch up those with complementary colors.

For your child’s room get linen or other drape fabric, encourage your child to stencil and  paint things they like on them and then use it for your child’s room to give it their own touch. This is an inexpensive idea for redecorating your home on a low budget

3)Add a shelf

Planks of wood painted in different colors and added as a shelf  where you put decorative pieces, can change the appearance of a room.

For example, in a sit out area you can add a low shelf.

A low sitting shelf  just below your window or beside the bed is another example.

4) Add more sitting space in your house without spending a lot of money on furniture

It can be as simple as placing a rug on one side of your room. Even an old one would do. Then get two to three big cushions and some that are regular size. You can easily turn it into a perfect reading corner if you add lights.

More over you can put it away anytime you wish to, because it’s just a rug and few cushions that you just need to package.

5) Create a Wall of Love

Picture ideas for redecorating your home on a low budget
Get frames of usual colors like white or black. Pick some family pictures. Let your partner and children choose some pictures as well.   Display them all on a wall. And voila, you have a ‘Wall of Love’  in your home.

All the above ideas can be used for redecorating your home on a low budget, without any requirement for expensive furniture or decoration pieces. Not only are these easy to implement but super fun. Also it’s a great way to get the children interested and involved.


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