3 Simple Ways to Bring Peace and Balance in Your Home

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How a home functions is directly related to how your life functions. Working towards a peaceful, balanced home is a journey and not a onetime process. This sketch note article is inspired by the podcast honesthome podcast.One of the biggest ideas shared, is to do only those things that you can do and don’t stress yourself if you cannot get it done immediately. Instead set up a plan to reach your goal.So here are 3 simple things you can do to bring peace and tranquillity in your life, which in turn will bring peace and balance in your home.

Ways to bring peace and balance in your homea>

Open window blinds first thing in the morning to bring peace and balance in your home
Start your day in a positive note by opening your window blinds first thing in the morning.

Let natural light come in which automatically lifts your mood. Opening the blinds and looking out forces you to look outside yourself and shift your perspective.

Reduce overhead light to bring peace and balance in your home
In the evening dim your overhead lights.

This starts preparing your body for a good night sleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors to keep your mind clear and functioning at the optimum level. A clear mind helps to create a balanced, peaceful home.

Keep plants in home

Keep plants inside your room.

Proper choice of plants not only helps to remove toxins from the environment, it also helps to tranquilize the environment. This is a great way to bring peace and balance in your home.

The above 3 tips are simple and everyone can follow them. Remember you do not have to stress to get things done immediately. And it is not a collection of things that makes a great home. Bring balance and peace in your life . It will directly reflect in your home environment.


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