10 Home Decor Ideas with String Lights

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The presence of string lights is often a mark of the holiday season. Primarily used as an embellishment to Christmas trees, these perpetual home “blinkers” are becoming part of the mainstream decorating routine at weddings, gala nights, proms, and many more. Adding a touch of whimsy to dreary spaces, it can steer one’s heart and psyche during darker nights. Here, we have rounded up 10 super gorgeous home decor ideas with string lights to add flair to your abode, the whole year long.

1. Cozy Bedroom

Home decor ideas with string lights
Turn your crib into a cozy bed by draping string lights on top of the canopy, cascading slowly to create a headboard of waterfalls. Or simply hang a few strands on the headboard area if you don’t have a canopy. This starry, starry night look lends a relaxing glow more than most average light fixtures. Simply make use of lightweight wired LED lights to prevent weighing down the bed’s canopy.

2. Pocket Garden Light

Outdoor pallet garden with string lights
Add more interest to your pocket patio by setting up an indoor hanging garden complemented with a string of lights. One of the preferred home decor ideas with string lights in many city abodes, this brings a touch of outdoor appeal into city apartments and high rises. This DIY string of lights makes the pots and plants stand out.

3. Fairy Jars

Mason jar ideas with string lights
Got mason jars lying around? Simply buy rechargeable string lights, stuff each strand into these jars, and use as ambient lighting on your terrace, patio or bedroom at night. You may also place them on the living room coffee table as lamps for the night or as centerpieces on dining tables for parties. Home decor ideas with string lights such as this, are a popular choice.

4. DIY Lamp

String lights used for DIY lamp with driftwood
Let your creative genius flow by creating a DIY lamp made out of string lights. Look for a driftwood, burnish it and then, wrap string lights around it. If there’s no driftwood then, create a makeshift one using wires or paper Mache thoroughly wrapping it with string lights. Makes great ambient lighting for living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms!

5. Constellation

String lights on ceiling in kids room
Give your children’s rooms a dreamy facelift with this constellation-like string of lights home decor idea. As kids, looking at starry skies always makes one fly into a flurry of imaginings. Let your kids fall asleep under a serene starlit sky by setting up these lights into the ceiling.

6. Hula-Hoop Chandelier

Hula hoop chandelier with string lights in dining room
This one is great for those who don’t celebrate Christmas but do not want to look like the Grinch while the whole neighborhood went bonkers over decorating. Paint a hula-hoop white or create a makeshift one using wires or vines. Add a string of lights and you have one of the coolest, yet seemingly natural home decor ideas with string lights.

7. Whimsical Mirror

Whimsical mirror wrapped with string lights
Ditch the movie star mirror look and go for this whimsical mirror. Simply string a few strand of lights around your mirror to add that dreamy effect. Not only will it make your reflection brighter and lovelier, it also lends an illusion of a much bigger space. It costs less, too, in terms of electric usage.

8. Ping Pong Party Lights

Ping pong ball string light ideas
This home decor ideas with string lights is perfect for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween and other special days where celebration is a must. Add these DIY ping-pong string lights made mainly from a series of lights, placed inside white ping-pong balls. Place them on the party table then, welcome your guests with a great amount of artistic ambiance.

9. Hanging Photos

Hanging photos with string lights ideas
Ditch the frame and simply clip photos on a string of lights to shine bright like a diamond. You can use it as a centerpiece in your small living room or as hallway wall art. Some also make use of them as a headboard, slash lamp, in their bedrooms. Feel free to use a stick, shaped wire, or wood dowel to make it easier to hang around.

10. Minimalist Vibe

Minimalist string light ideas
Minimalist homes often ditch the usual bulky lamps and decorative elements. This is where home decor ideas with string lights can also be utilized. Simply hang a strand in a living room’s or bedroom’s corner and connect it into an electric outlet to lend an ambient yet artistic glow.

Home decor ideas with string lights
After the festivities, these strings of lights simply sit inside your storage for a full year. Put them to good use with these easy-to-do home decor ideas with string lights. Add a dramatic flair to your home and save on electricity, too.


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